Thursday, Oct. 4 was International Animal Day, and if you walked through Sproul, you probably noticed the crate of kittens at the Paws and Claws Club table.

Kittens on Sproul!

Kittens on Sproul!

The kittens are up for adoption out of the East Bay Humane Society, and as club member Yujin notes, “we have [a] fostering program in our club through them” where qualified volunteers can be short-term owners. If you love cats, definitely read on!

We might note that, since you’ve probably read of the psychological benefits of being a dog owner, you might not surprised to learn that owning a cat can have psychological benefits, too.* College life is punctuated by stress and anxiety, and studies show that cats can be effective in taking the edge off the bad mood — so why not consider adopting a pet?

On the other hand, adoption can be a big commitment. read more »

Everyone and their mother’s nazi memorabilia will tell you that in addition to being a vegetarian, a momma’s boy and an occasional cocaine abuser, Adolph Hitler was a painter. Yeah. That’s right. Who’s goosesteppin’ now, Josef Mengele?

Perhaps lesser known is a body of work produced during the Third Reich by Adolph’s cat counterpart, HitlerCat. In celebration of this much overlooked assemblage of cat still life, BAM has agreed to showcase the collection in a special ONE DAY retrospective. Today, Thursday, April 1.

Be there, or be a good for nothing dog.

Image Source: aemkei under Creative Commons


Cats from around the globe gathered today in Mr. Hansen’s backyard to discuss their essential and adorable catness. Topics ranged from favorite feline activities (chasing yarn, acting aloof, letting humans think they’re in control) to cat food (the consensus was that they enjoy mice) to how to clean your fur. Luckily for us, the Clog’s kitten reporter was on the scene.

“The real highlight of the event, however, was the luminaries read more »


Do you love cats? Do you love Facebook? Do you love to love cats on Facebook!? We know we do!

So what better way to show your fancy feline fanaticism than by joining a Facebook group in honor of inarguably the best animal in the universe, if not the whole planet? (Answer: there is no better way.) There’s probably a cat-loving Facebook group out there for everyone. We just managed to scrounge up a few. read more »

So. It’s 11:16 p.m. as we write this. It is still 09/09/09. Many of our fellow interwebbers have declared this numerically auspicious day “A Day Without Cats Online,” but we here at the Clog refuse to subscribe to such a horrible, horrible pact. Thus, we bring you this:


‘A Day Without Cats Online’: Internet Ban by Urlesque [Time]
Cute Cat [YouTube]

Would this face ever download child porn?!

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

So you’ve heard of the “Twinkie Defense,” right? Well, the universe may have just one-upped itself by producing the “Kitty Porn Defense.” (OK, so we made that up just now, but someone was probably thinking it … )

Griffin, a sick, sick fellow from Jensen Beach, Fla. blamed 10 counts’ worth of downloaded child pornography on his poor, presumably innocent cat, who he says jumped on the keyboard while he was downloading music. Thus far, he hasn’t had much luck with that one, as he’s being held in jail–but still. Come on now, people. Leave the pets out of it.

Image Source: dougwoods under Creative Commons
Fla. man blames cat paws for child porn downloads [SFGate]
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When she was alive, Joyce Columbia Berner loved books so much that she married them. No, really, she pretty much did–Berner had such an affinity for written stories that she eventually changed her last name to “Book.” She died with the name of Joyce Columbia Book last year, and that was that. Berkeley lost one of its many eccentric souls.

Today, however, the name Joyce Columbia Book resurfaces after a recent revelation. When Book died, she left a great amount of money to the Berkeley Public Library–$77,000, to be exact.

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