Now that Sproul is once again free from pushy campaigners, it’s time for politics to really begin. While tabulation of last week’s votes takes place tonight, the Judicial Council prepares for some hell-filled weeks. It’s censure time! Woo! (Oh, if only it were as exciting as it sounds.)

Actually, last year it was. The Judicial Council disqualified the Student Action slate in 2006, and in quite the hullabaloo, the slate was reinstated. This year, Student Action once again faces enough censures to potentially disqualify the executive slate.

Perhaps Suken Vakil will make a guest appearance. Oh God, that would be sweet.

Let’s take a look at all the censures, a list courtesy of Beetle.

Remember, a total of five or more censures will disqualify a candidate from the election.

The Judicial Council will hear cases against the following:

* Student Life Fee Referendum – 1 censure for flier placement
* DAAP Slate – 3 censures each for dorm campaigning, 1 censure each for flier placement
* Chad Kunert – 1 censure for truncated disclaimer
* Jessica Parra-Fitch and Gabriela Urena – 1 censure each for no disclaimer
* Daniel Galeon, Danielle Duong, Maurice Seaty and Roxanne Winston – 1 censure each for truncated disclaimer
* Shawn Jain – 3 censures for flier placement
* Nadir Shams – up to 20 censures for claiming group endorsements, 1 censure for flier placement
* Chris Wong – 1 censure for covered flier
* Chris Wong and Lisa Patel – 1 censure each for truncated disclaimer
* Student Action Executive Slate – 2 censures each for campaigning within 100 feet of a polling location
* SA Executive Slate, Alex Mastrodonato, Winnie Kuo and Wayne Feng – 3 censures each for Material Science and Engineering Association endorsement
* SA Executive Slate, Christian Osmena and Grace Shen – 1 censure each for flier placement (times two for two counts)
* SA Executive Slate and Loretta Kwong – 1 censure each for a flier within 100 feet of a polling location
* Dwight Asuncion, Wayne Feng and Winnie Kuo – 1 censure each for flier placement

As the Daily Cal notes, this means up to eight censures against the SA slate, plus one extra for Asuncion because he’s extra special. Also,

Seven of the suits were filed against candidates who allegedly posted campaign materials outside of permissible public spaces in university buildings, which is prohibited in the bylaws…

Facebook postings were also a common feature in the charges against the candidates. Six suits were filed against candidates who allegedly claimed endorsements without bearing the disclaimer, “Titles for Identification Purposes Only,” which is required by the bylaws.

According to the charges, some candidates violated the rule by only posting an abbreviated version of the disclaimer, while other candidates did not have a disclaimer at all.

Judicial hearings start tomorrow night. Let the legal frenzy begin!

Stay tuned for the tabulation–we’ll be updating shortly.