Robert Reich
Robert Reich

Don’t miss out! Robert Reich and former president of Chile Ricardo Lagos will be speaking at Boalt Law School’s Booth Auditorium tomorrow at 12:30pm. The event, held by the Center for Latin American Studies, is called “Inequality: A Dialogue for the Americas.”

Ricardo Lagos
Ricardo Lagos

Robert Reich is a Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration. Lagos served as president of Chile from 2000-2006 and in 2006 was awarded the Berkeley Medal by Chancellor Birgeneau — a title regarded as Berkeley’s highest honor … Ya, we know, they both sound pretty legitimate!

So, for all you students who have tried for numerous years to get into Reich’s Wealth and Poverty course — but of course, have been denied by the wait list — this is a great alternative to see him in action!


They’re baaack! Occupy the Farmers broke into the Gill Tract research land Saturday morning to harvest the crops they had planted during their occupying spree in May. But that’s not all. In an effort to show how much food was going to waste, protestors left bolted lettuce in front of the Chancellor’s house.

A note was taped to his door, saying things like “You can’t beet us, so lettuce farm already.” Dear lord. That’s effective — we’re not getting our way, so we’re gonna leave some smelly-ass lettuce in front of the Chancellor’s door. That’s gonna change his mind. read more »

oops eraserHello Readers,

You might not have noticed, what with the hustle and bustle of getting home for Thanksgiving as soon as humanly possible, but some people have been getting preeeety upset about the potentially inappropriate police response on UC campuses, these past few weeks.

As such, you could have stumbled upon an email, courtesy of Bob Jacobsen (chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate), proposing a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Birgeneau, Executive Vice Chancellor Breslauer and Vice Chancellor LeGrande. This message, sent on behalf of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate, arrived in inboxes throughout the Cal community at precisely 6:05 p.m. and could be construed as an invitation to attend Monday’s Special Meeting to discuss read more »

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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

People who were relieved to hear about Governor Brown’s decision to veto the legislature’s proposed budget include, but were certainly not limited to, Chancellor Birgeneau. [News Center]

Lucky guests joined First Lady Michelle Obama at the Claremont Hotel for a $1000 event that included, but was certainly not limited to, baked eggs. Groups that could not attend included, but were certainly not limited to, the Daily Cal. [Daily Cal]

We’ve never heard of plasmon rulers, but read more »


We reported a while ago that there were some concerns regarding Cal’s atheletic funding, especially when considering the hubbub surrounding the budget. Because of this our Chancellor Birgeneau (or “Birgy,” as we wish we could call him) asked for a report on the state of Cal’s sports programs. Ladies and gents, the results are in.

And now that the report’s out, that means some changes for athletics. Nothing major, it looks like, although it really is too soon to tell.  Birgy just issued a statement (that’s how we in the press say “wrote a letter”) summarizing some of the report’s findings. Said findings tell us that the program is good read more »


Coming to and from the Main Stacks the past few days, you may have noticed a group of students camped out in front of California Hall and an accompanying police force of at least a dozen.

As much as we support the right for students to fight for what they believe in, finals seems like the worst time for a hunger strike. Oreos and Cheetos are the only thing keeping us sane after not seeing sunlight for over eight hours.

The group, dubbed the “Hungry for Justice Coalition,” had a rally Monday at 3:30 p.m. in front of California Hall, after police tried to end the strike, resulting in the seizure of protesters’ sleeping bags and tarps. We attended the rally and heard that apparently the group not only won’t eat, but has recently given up water too, claiming they have only 48 hours to live. read more »

A group of people outside of California Hall are protesting that Arizona bill you may have heard about recently. Apparently, they’re willing to stay for up to a week or until the chancellor/other bigshots give them what they want. Which isn’t just about SB 1070:

The strikers also demanded that campus administrators drop all student conduct charges against activists, implement a “democratic student-led” process for examining the code of student conduct, accept responsibility for clashes between demonstrators and police during the Nov. 20 Wheeler Hall occupation, end layoffs of low-wage employees and rehire already laid-off union workers.

Further updates are likely to come as they develop.

Protesters Stage Hunger Strike Outside California Hall [Daily Cal]
Image Source: doobledubz under Creative Commons


A little while back Chancellor Birgeneau informed us of the soon-to-be-launched “Operational Excellence Project“—hiring a private consulting firm (for a cool 3 mil) to help UC Berkeley run its business more efficiently, a move that was itself the object of some controversy. Well, the consultants did their homework and the results are in. Verdict: We’re a bunch of F*CKING AMATEURS (in so many words). Their findings and suggestions below: read more »

wheeler occupation

Did spring break make you complacent? Well, tomorrow might be your chance to shake off that chilled-out yoke, rile up those outrage-bones and enliven your cause-supporting organ system once again. The Clog received word from the Defend Affirmative Action Party that they intend to hold urging us to support a rally tomorrow (Monday) in protest of code of student conduct charges that have been leveled against the protesters who occupied Wheeler Hall a few months back. Yes, these protests are getting kind of meta. read more »

Yo man there’s a lotta UCSD Frat Boys out there flakin’ and perpetratin’ but scared to kick reality. While Pi Kappa Alpha absolutely denies any ties to the now infamous Black History Month “Compton Cookoutinvite, the controversy has grown from a racist fetus into a bulbous, bigoted, Bob Ewell-sized tumor.

Among several combative initiatives, UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox is advocating a task force to smack down on violators of the Student Code of Conduct.

Chancellor Birgenau flooded our inboxes this morning with an obligatory read more »

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