Everyone’s favorite Chancellor Birgie gave the world a little piece of his mind in the Opinion section of today’s Sacramento Bee. (So he does do stuff besides preside over giant sushi-rolling and wave genially, after all!) In this article, he claims that the rainbows-and-sunshine “free education” ideal from whence many a-protest chant has sprung might not be so ideal. read more »


California’s broke and the boys in Sac (as it seems to be) sure as f*ck ain’t got our back. But Chancellor Birgeneau may have a plan.

Yesterday the Chancellor reassuringly declared that big universities don’t cry; they reassess their operational spending. Starting soon, “Operational Excellence,” a collaborative effort between in-house and private consultants, will examine Berkeley’s costs with the hope of arriving at a plan for greater financial independence from state piggy banks in the long term. Oh, and don’t call it privatizing. Details below: read more »


Last Wednesday, Erik Tarloff for The Atlantic wrote a blog post entitled ‘UCB RIP’ and Chancellor Birgeneau decided he wasn’t going to take that sh*t. Indeed, the future looks dim as the-deficit-that-shall-not-be-named and other forces of darkness tighten their stranglehold around UC Berkeley’s already emaciated neck, sending our dear headmaster to the ends of positivity that he is obligated to occupy. For those of you who don’t feel like reading through their call and rebuttal, allow us to summarize: read more »

Academic competitiveness is a notion at the heart of Chancellor Birgeneau’s argument against Proposition 8, a proposition which would overturn an earlier decision by the California Supreme Court that basically reaffirmed that whole “can’t be separate and equal” dealy.

Birgeneau’s plea basically boils down to this: read more »

Earlier today, we were wandering around campus when we inadvertently stumbled upon the Campaign for Berkeley‘s kick-off music festival and picnic. Oddly enough, we had no idea it was happening.

The only things that actually tipped us off to the shameless pandering going on were the fact that Chancellor Birgeneau was sitting right there, and a few of those mildly horrible “inspirational” banners greeted us–from ground level. They were totally all up in our grills. read more »

Earlier today, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau issued a statement condemning the terrorist activities of several animal rights activists. Last weekend, terrorists firebombed a house and car of a UC Santa Cruz scientist who uses animals in his research, injuring him.

In the message, the chancellor urges reasonable people to support the passage of a state assembly bill that would make it easier to fight terrorism aimed at scientists with histories of animal research.

We, too, hope those that aren’t poisoned with murderous ideologies will support rational discourse and condemn violent, regressive acts with the utmost vigor.

Image Source: .klash under Creative Commons
Message from Chancellor Birgeneau: Researchers must be free from threats and violence by animal rights terrorists [NewsCenter]
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UC Backs Harsher Penalties for Animal Testing Protesters [Daily Cal]

According to CBS, a few tree-sit supporters gathered on Chancellor Birgeneau’s lawn on Sunday and … planted an oak tree. Our first reaction was “Hahaha … WHAT?” What sort of protest tactics are the tree people trying to use this time? The only “rational” explanation we can think of is an attempt to appeal to the chancellor’s emotions—but somehow we don’t think a tiny tree will inspire the same feelings as, say, a puppy in an ad for animal shelters.

Of course arrests were made—six, according to a UC police spokesman. But getting arrested might have been the point all along. It’s hard to think of anything more absurd than planting a tree on the chancellor’s lawn to feed a martyr complex.

Image Source: William Hook under Creative Commons, modified by Evante Garza-Licudine
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800px-yes_it_does.jpg Since many of you readers are hugely excited about the Mar. 3-8 “Reclaiming the Space” Week–during which down folks will “fuck shit up,” according to the Facebook invitation–we at the Clog decided to do a whole post dedicated to a subject quite dear to our, and presumably your, hearts.

Let’s talk about diversity! So, other than reclaiming the Multicultural Center, here are a few more recent items that have Berkeley bubbling about race issues:

UC Berkeley now has a $5 million Chancellor’s Chair in Equity and Inclusion that will help study ways to make people feel more equal and included. We personally believe that feeling included comes partially from the attitude of the “exclusive” group, partially from within yourself and partially from multi-culturally colored sofas in Heller Lounge. [Daily Cal]

Did you hear about Allen Jackson, the President of the NAACP Berkeley Chapter who claimed that all Berkeley police officers were out to kill as many black people as they can? His remarks came after Berkeley resident Anita Gay was shot by an officer two weeks ago. Apparently, the NAACP itself does not condone the President's remarks. Oh, overzealous activists--see, Code Pink? Look what you started. [Mercury News]

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