Aside from an awkward stance and a few missed swings (maybe they can get a few tips from Cal alumnus – and World Series champ – Allen Craig), UCPD looks like they are ready to take “appropriate actions” to enforce the university’s “[no] encampments or occupations of buildings” rule, as stated in Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s campus-wide email this week.

The video, which was filmed two weeks ago (coincidentally the same day all hell broke loose at the Occupy Oakland movement), appears to us to be a “How to read more »


You just got mail from the Chancellor. Yeah, good ol’ Birgy (we’re old friends, so the Clog can call him that) just emailed the student body about a new web-based system to report incidents of bias on UC campuses.

This is, of course, not the only option. You are still free to report bias the old-fashioned way, by going into a campus office and presumably talking to Human Resources. However this new service enables you to file a report online, either via the local bias report or by filing a report directly on the new website. Simply click on the campus in question and file your report. It remains anonymous unless you attach your name directly to it.

After filing a report, you check back in two weeks to see how the campus official has responded. This is also done online –there’s a section on the website for your report key and password.

Bias in this case ranges from hate speech and crimes to bullying and intimidation to hostile campus climates. Ideally, this will stop any swastika-related incidents from happening again.

Image source: Bombardier under Creative Commons
University of California Campus Climate [Site]

Longest california Sushi roll

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to scope out the Daily Cal Senior Editorial Board’s interview with UC Berkeley’s ever-chipper chancellor, Robert Birgeneau.

If not, the editorial and full transcript of the 90-minute chat are available online. If you’re searching for substantive discussion of the issues raised, this is probably not the place to find it, but we’ve compiled some of the most notable, most interesting and most head-scratch-inducing moments of the interview. read more »

National news coverage seems to be likening last night’s Durant riots to a 16th-century apocalypse landscape: a cavalcade of fear and destruction, a smoky, crucifix-laden free-for-all with legions of skeletons unleashing themselves upon what remains of the living, a student strumming his lyre in the name of public education, unbeknownst to the demon poised behind him, a hooded reveler lashed read more »

Hold onto your Catbus, ‘cuz it’s about to get crazy!

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau signed proverbial nuptials with UC Berkeley’s Japanese counterpart, the University of Tokyo. Esteemed to be among the “top public universities in the world,” the two schools plan to exchange brain power primarily in the fields of physics, math, astronomy and cosmology.

UT is even going to build a satellite facility on our campus. Now that’s commitment.

Image Source: Jim Epler under Creative Commons
University of Tokyo, UC Berkeley to exchange scholars in cosmology, other areas [UC Berkeley News]

Enjoy your California friends while they last, because next fall you’ll be gettin’ a real big dose of the rest of America (maybe even the elusive “heartland” full of “real Americans”).

OK, that might be a little fear-mongering. But it is true that next fall Berkeley will play host to far more out-of-state students than before. The damaged budget has reared its ugly head once more, and read more »

Last week, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau issued a letter skirting around the icky-ness of Proposition 8. But some students aren’t so happy about the chancellor meddling in such affairs.

If passed, the proposition would eliminate the right to marry for same-sex couples and, as Birgeneau argued, would undermine Berkeley principles. Birgeneau did not outright stump against the proposition, but he concluded his letter with:

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The University of California released its employee compensation report, and it’s really no surprise that coach Jeff Tedford topped the list of breadwinners.

Last year, Tedford took home more than $2.8 million–that’s out of about $14 million doled out to athletic coaches across the UC system. Also among the top ten are other coaches and health sciences faculty from UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and UCLA.

And dear ol’ Chancellor Robert Birgeneau? Well, BobBi didn’t even come close with his measly $430,116. C’mon, the dude needs a living wage, people.

Image Source: Michael Kang, Daily Cal
UC Releases Employee Compensation Report [Daily Cal]

Earlier this week, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert “Canuck Bobbby” Birgeneau announced a $113 million dollar donation to the campus. The grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation is the largest gift in the history of the campus. The university claims that the money will fund 100 endowed chairs across the campus. However, using our leet reporting skillz, the Clog has uncovered the real programs on which the money will be spent. A breakdown of the gift:

* $33 million to hire Rudy Giuliani as a consultant to work on ways to strengthen the Memorial Stadium fence.

* $14 million in emergency spending to help Beetle fight his crippling addiction to caring about the ASUC.

* $23 million to buy Jeff Tedford a solid-gold golf cart to ride around on during football games.

* $100 billion to take over the world. OK, so we’re a little short. – according to Christine