As the weekend comes up, the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl seems to be rising. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, it’s at the very least an excuse to hang out with your friends and procrastinate on anything productive. This year, in particular, the Super Bowl has been beneficial to the city of Berkeley. Doritos donated $250,000 to the Berkeley Unified School District due to their collaboration with the comedy troupe, Lonely Island, for their “Crash the Super Bowl” contest.

Ah, Lonely Island. Known for their classic skits – such as the music video above with the wonderful euro-dance beat and deep, emotional lyrics – the three members (Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg) were native Berkeleyans before launching their career in Los Angeles.

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And we say that with an exclamation since we did not know that it was happening. Silly Cloggers, with all our blah-ging we’ve missed out on a fairly big, ASUC sponsored university-wide event.

Besides raising awareness for global causes, it’s also intended to “raise money for charities that send books to Tanzanian schools, help Haiti deal with the aftermath of January’s devastating quake, and buy malaria nets for Africans, among others.” The week’s events are ongoing, but everything ties together with a Friday showing of “Hotel Rwanda” in Memorial Glade followed by a faculty panel discussion of the massacre.

More events included Sunday’s basketball tournament which raised $500 “for the NothingButNets campaign to save Africa’s children from malaria” (we love it when it’s a good cause AND a punny name) and Monday’s Eco fashion show. Tomorrow there will be another faculty panel to “show how technology — including a bike-powered maize sheller — can help fight world hunger.”

A bike-powered maize sheller? Now you’re talking. And the global outreaching concludes Saturday with the Cold War Kids concert (“co-sponsored by the Save My Oceans campaign,” natch).

Bottom line: the time is now. Get out there and globally outreach yourself. The world will thank you.

Image source: xJasonRogersx under Creative Commons
Global Outreach Week shows off–and extends–Berkeley’s reach in the world  [UC Berkeley News]


Looking for something to do Thursday night? Look no further. Jazz singer Jacqui Naylor is playing in Oakland at 8 and 10 p.m. What’s more, 50 percent of the proceeds go to the San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium. If that doesn’t tempt you, Naylor’s latest album is called “You Don’t Know Jacq.” And we all know everyone loves a good pun.

Tickets are $20 for the 8 o’clock show and $15 for the 10 o’clock show ($10 with valid student ID). The show is Thursday, Jan. 28 at Yoshi’s Club in Oakland.

Image source: pedrosimoes7 under Creative Commons
Jacqui Naylor Quartet [Yoshi's Jazz Club Oakland]

Work it, gurrl!Alice Waters, you’re our hero … Or are you?

Not only did Berkeley’s most famously awesome foodie raise some major cash-monies for Washington charity organizations by cooking up (presumably) delicious noms for some D.C. do-gooders–er, eat-gooders, in any case–but she also kinda, maybe saved-ish someone from choking.

“How exactly does one kinda, maybe save-ish someone?” you ask. Simple, really. You see someone who is choking (in this case, cookbook author Joan Nathan) and then you go find someone (in this case, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio) who knows the Heimlich maneuver and then they save the choking person. Now, before you start weighing the woman down with mental (or actual) medals of honor, you may want to consider an interesting point that one SFist commenter phrased perhaps a bit more bluntly than we would have: read more »

Are you rolling in dough? Do you have so much cash that you don’t even know how to begin spending it?  We thought so. That’s why we were so totally relieved when we heard about Donation Dashboard 1.0, a new website developed by a team comprised of Berkeley Prof Ken Goldberg, and some grad students at Berkeley’s Automation Sciences Lab for the Berkeley Center for New Media.

Basically, the site uses a complex algorithm that we could never hope to properly grasp called Eigentaste to match willing donors who don’t know where to donate their cash-monies with non-profit organizations based on the donors’ ratings of sample organizations and their descriptions. read more »


 Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak is selling his 2005 Nissan 350Z Anniversary Edition as a way to donate money to UC Berkeley’s Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.Not to be confused with Berkeley Councilmember Gordon Wozniak, Steve originally caught a few minutes of Internet fame with the original commercial, pictured above. In a new spot, filmed about 20 years later, Wozniak Segways to his newer car. The Clog never rode the Woz wave, but we figure his popularity must have been right up there with Gunther’s “Ding Dong Song.”The car was originally priced at a whopping $100K, but the asking price has since been lowered to $49,050. Wozniak promises to make up the extra.He also offers a lunch at his house when the seller comes to pick up the car. In addition to his gastronomical charity, Wozniak explains his charity to UC Berkeley:bq. On a global scale we are seeing America losing it’s competitiveness in engineering and technical skills. That is disappointing. All the profits from this sale will be donated to the IEEE lab at U.C. Berkeley for education and equipment.Cool enough, but must we have Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” play over shots of the silver sleek automoible rounding a bend in the road? We think we got the point in the first four seconds with the Segway.The Woz Sells Nissan for UC Berkeley IEEE Lab [92510]