Our campus’ beloved and often crowded Golden Bear Café, never actually referred to as anything but the GBC, is cracking down on all possible looters. Thinking of running in to grab a few napkins and a fork to eat the lunch you brought from home? Think again. To get access to these coveted items, you now have to have purchased something. Never mind the fact you probably ate there every day when you had meal points, you can’t take anything now if you don’t keep buying stuff.

GBC Sign

One unlucky ‘customer’ got caught in a fib earlier this semester. Upon entering the esteemed establishments for a spoon, he was asked if he bought anything. The poor fellow began stuttering out a desperate claim that he’d bought some chips or other small snack earlier. Of course, this simply wouldn’t cut it for the GBC employee. They needed a receipt to irrefutably prove his honor. We’re pretty sure he just grabbed a spoon and dashed out as quickly as he could, but there’s a lesson to be learned here: If you’re going to steal from them, at least try to be sneaky about it. Either that or steal someone’s receipt first.

GBC Stuff

Just kidding. We wouldn’t condone theft. A perfectly condonable option is to buy something small from the café if you intend on using their utensils or condiments. If you aren’t willing to do that you’ll either have to bring stuff from home or ask a friend buying from the GBC to get you whatever you need.

Moral of the story? Theft is apparently a definite no-no, even if it is just paper or ketchup.

Image source: Erum Khan, Daily Cal

Being cheap bastards must come with Daily Cal territory. Today the paper highlighted some deals around campus for all your arts and entertainment purposes. The general gist?
* Blake’s, Shattuck Down Low, 924 Gilman and SF’s Bottom of the Hill for some live music
* United Artists’ Flashback Features for old flicks
* Half-Price Books for–you guessed it–books
* Oh hai, don’t forget the local Chinatowns either

Or you could, you know, download stuff semi- not really legally of the Intarwebz. Just saying.

Image Source: Cayusa under Creative Commons
For A Few Dollars Less [Daily Cal

The Prophecy on dvd


Curb your spending, and just maybe you’ll be able to afford all your textbooks and readers this semester. Lifehacker offered an interesting top ten guide to saving, so here’s our ripoff.

Reuse Stuff

Grab a Klean Kanteen–we’ve heard tell they’re the safest and most durable water bottle on the market, though that’s up for debate. Sure, it’s kinda costly for a water-holder, but imagine all the moola you’re saving by saying buh-bye to plastic. Oh, and it’s, like, good for trees or something.

Get some reusable shopping bags (canvas works well), and if you shop at Trader Joe’s, you get the chance to win a discount on groceries. If you shop at Whole Foods (though that’s not really saving money, but OK), you can get an automatic credit on that day’s purchase.

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Mark your calendars (if you’re of the drinking age, that is): On Nov. 14, John’s Grill in Union Square will celebrate its 100th anniversary with eight-cent drinks.

Yes, cents. If you’ve got some spare change to rub together, head over between 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Best way to end a week of class ever, even with the two cheapo drink limit.

Image Source: Olivander under Creative Commons
John’s Grill to Celebrate 100 Years With 8-Cent Cocktails [Eater SF]

If you want the best deal in textbooks, you need to go online. Sure, you have to pay for shipping and you won’t necessarily get your books on time, but that’s why you can return your “loaners” back to Ned’s or the student store. Don’t be a clueless freshmen–get in the know!

Whether it’s Come Get Used, Amazon or Half that you prefer, we’ve got one better: Big Words. Big Words prowls those other sites and reports back to you on the best deals on the Web. It even tells you all the secret deals, like typing in “BIOLOGY” to get $10 off a $100+ order on Ned’s Web site.

Sometimes buying off a friend doesn’t pan out (and that’s really where you get the best deals). Enter the Web. Ooh. Shiny.

Image: Aloys5268 under Wikimedia Commons
Big Words [Web site]
via Lifehacker
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