sliver 2“Cheeseboard is too f**king far,” seems like a common mantra for Southside UC Berkeley students who just want a slice of that amazing vegetarian pizza that makes you forget it’s vegetarian and then have to resort to Fat Slice or something. And I don’t think it’s a matter of laziness here, but seriously, sometimes it’s just not worth going all the way to Downtown Berkeley for pizza when we’re so busy with doing schoolwork, procrastinating, being on the fringes of frat-boy alcoholism and reading the “Interest” sections of our current crushes on Facebook.

So, what’s your reaction when I say that since you won’t lug your butt to Cheeseboard, the essence and glory of Cheeseboard brought itself to you? I’m not even kidding. I think it’s time to welcome and try out a new pizzeria that has already stirred up a growing presence in Berkeley, and that popular baby is Sliver Pizzeria on Center Street.

Sliver is literally as if Cheeseboard popped out a kid, or if it learned it had a long-lost brother, because they are nearly identical in concept and pizza quality. read more »

312645_1747180938153_153128412_n (1)1. Figure out an answer to “how was your break?” Admitting that you spent your entire break rewatching “Breaking Bad” and sleeping is a lot better than no answer.

2. Make yourself food. Because soon enough you will not have the time or energy to do so. Bonus: Invite some friends over you haven’t seen in a while to join you!

3.  Visit the Campanile, or go on a hike. Remind yourself that Berkeley is really beautiful.

4. Get a flier from someone on Sproul Plaza. Just do it.

5. Buy your textbooks, but do not open them — on the off-chance that you have to drop the course, you won’t be able to return them if they’re opened. Only allow yourself a few moments to cry over the price.

6. Create a list of all the awesome things you want to accomplish this semester. Make them wild and almost impossible, and know you probably won’t finish all of them.

7. Create a playlist to get you pumped to be back at school and for all your across campus commutes. Oh wait, we already did that one for you! (Clog’s 13 songs for 2013 playlist!)

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He goes by Bernie, just Bernie. He is a 50-something year old man who grows Gravestein apples in Anderson, California. To the Berkeley Farmer’s Market each week he trucks crates of the wondrous fruit and bottles home-brewed ruddy, autumnal juices and vinegar derived from them. Some of his apple trees are a century old. His philosophy is simple, “To get good apples you need to take care of the trees.”
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This or ...

The age-old controversy of Northside vs Southside dates back further than Biggie and Tupac’s Eastside Westside battle. While each side has its pro’s and con’s, which side reins supreme solely depends on your personal likes, dislikes and interests. Take this quiz to decide which side would suit you best. read more »

mmm... cheeseboard

Choosing a university based on “college rankings” is so last year. Equally important things — i.e. amazing food, location, delectable eateries, weather, scrumptious restaurants etc. — must be considered. This is why the fabulous foodies at “The Daily Meal” have compiled a list of 10 College Towns with the Best Food.

Guess which rad university made the list? Go on, guess.

Some of you noobs may not realize it yet, but there are plenty of places in Berkeley that not only have edible food (which is more than we can say about some of the spots surrounding the campus), but extravagant food.

The restaurants mentioned on the list include read more »

mmm... sleepy time

Another summer gone, another school year begins.

No worries, because we at the Clog are here to make sure that at least one of your fall semester classes will be worth waking up for. Because we love our readers so dearly and would hate for you procrastinators to add a boring, soul-gnawing class just to reach that 13 unit mark, we present to you a short list of noteworthy classes we’re convinced you will enjoy immeasurably.

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2011-03-16 18.07.57

The Clog just got back from “Abstract Now/Then” — a BAM/PFA extravaganza centered around the museum’s featured exhibit on (you guessed it) abstract art from the last half-century or so — and we’re feeling pretty darn educated by the whole experience. Things that we learned include but are by no means limited to: read more »

shorts11-235x3001Want to know what the heck we mean by Winnemem Wintu? Head to the David Brower Center (home to Gather, that restaurant we can in no way afford) on Thursday, Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. for a benefit concerning, among other things, salmon. [site]

A UC Berkeley student hailing from Egypt discusses the situation back home, concern for his parents and his support for the protesters, who “just want the minimum.” [Mercury News]

Helplessly idealistic and desperate to jet-set? Maybe that’s why this school has produced more Peace Corps volunteers than any other. You should totes be part of that statistic! [News Center]

Twitter is in fact good for more than just trolling Kanye West. Case in point: an ongoing novella from the viewpoint of a fictitious homeless woman with a taste for Cheeseboard and social commentary. [Berkeleyside]

Earlier: Of Suffrage and Sports-Inspired Debauchery

say cheese

Perhaps you haven’t noticed that we at the Clog are fond of free stuff. In particular, free food. And we’re guessing you’re pretty fond of it too, otherwise we’ve been writing a whole bunch of misguided posts about the various kinds of free stuff you all can get your grubby hands on.

So in the spirit of all things free … and food-related, we’ll let you in on a little secret: the Cal Cooking Club is having its first general meeting this Thursday, Sept. 23, at 7.30 pm.

What does that have to do with anything? You might ask.

Well, friends, the Cal Cooking Club’s general meetings are known for their fantastic live demos brought to you by local chefs that we would totally bow down to, if that wasn’t totally weird. And in case you’re totally clueless, live demos always mean free (and delicious) food.

Still don’t believe us? This upcoming meeting features chef Vange McKilligan from Cheeseboard. Yes, Cheeseboard! We’ll be learning the basics of pizza making from the best in the biz, which means that if you’d like to whip up your own masterpiece at home, you’d better learn from the master first.

The meeting will be held at 159 Mulford Hall—which, honestly, we’ve never heard of until now, so if you’re also confused, check out this handy campus map.

Image Source: myelectricsheep under Creative Commons
CCC First General Meeting [Facebook]


We Berkeleyans enjoy having a high opinion of ourselves and our commitment to charity and social justice. And hey, it’s only snobbery if we’re phony about it, right? So we earn our bragging rights by doing things like attending the Berkeley Dance Marathon this Friday April 2 from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. April 3 in the Pauley Ballroom.

It costs $15 to register and you can form your own team or go as an individual. Registration ends March 31 and it’s limited, so sign up as soon as you can. All the money raised goes to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation; in the past four years, it’s raised $80,000. It promises to be “a night full of food, performances, activities, and prizes,” so register here.

The website promises a hypnotist, a dance-off, lots of performances, and free food from the likes of Cheeseboard and Yogurtland. As if that isn’t enough, the theme is the 90′s and it’s actually called “Kickin’ It Old Skool.”

Frankly, you had us at “skool.” We are so there.

Image source: Andrew Baron under Creative Commons
Berkeley Dance Marathon [Berkeley DM]
Dance Marathon [Facebook]

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