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Choosing a university based on “college rankings” is so last year. Equally important things — i.e. amazing food, location, delectable eateries, weather, scrumptious restaurants etc. — must be considered. This is why the fabulous foodies at “The Daily Meal” have compiled a list of 10 College Towns with the Best Food.

Guess which rad university made the list? Go on, guess.

Some of you noobs may not realize it yet, but there are plenty of places in Berkeley that not only have edible food (which is more than we can say about some of the spots surrounding the campus), but extravagant food.

The restaurants mentioned on the list include read more »

sunday nightSunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

With a new semester comes new classes that are always difficult to find. Knowing this, the fine people at this institution have come up with a much faster way to access your classes, campus maps and other goodies through your iPhone or — the far less superior and far more “overprivileged” – Android. Just type in [News Center]

Astronomers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered read more »

chez1 If you ever have $100 lying around, you should stop by Chez Panisse. Our very own Berkeley landmark has recently been named in the top ten of The Huffington Post’s “The 101 Best Restaurants in America”. Hailed for its use of fresh, locally grown ingredients, this internationally renowned culinary institution was called “a must” and with items such as chocolate and tangerine ice cream profiteroles, we can see why.

Image Sources: Ulterior Epicure under Creative Commons
The 101 Best Restaurants in America [Huffington Post]

chez pThe Michelin Guide, which is a supposedly “reliable” guide of recommendations for restaurants, has taken back the one star they gave to Chez Panisse. Let us remind everyone that Chez Panisse has been considered by some as the best restaurant in America. What more do you want Michelin!! Geez.

However we’ll leave it to the more experienced palates to decide whether Michelin’s decision was a sound one. According to Berkeleyside, the criteria for getting one star is “a very good restaurant in its own category.” To be awarded two stars a restaurant needs to have “Excellent cuisine worth a detour” and the criteria for three stars is, “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey. One always eats extremely well here, sometimes superbly.”

Three local restaurants made the cut. They are Coi in San Francisco, Cyrus in Healdsburg and Manresa in Los Gatos.

But don’t lose faith because of one little star. The owner, Alice Waters, doesn’t seem too distressed. “Although Ms. Waters respects the traditions upon which the Michelin Guide bases its awards, she acknowledges that they aren’t the same traditions upon which Chez Panisse has built its reputation and success over the years,” commented Mia Morgenstern from the Chez Panisse foundation in an interview with Berkeleyside.

Hata’s gon’ hate Michelin. Power through Chez Panisse!

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Chez Panisse loses its Michelin Star [Berkeleyside]

mountainlion If you happened to be strolling around the Gourmet Ghetto area very early this morning, you may have come across a rather unusual sight. A mountain lion, first reported to the Berkeley Police Department at 2:13 a.m., led police on a bit a of a chase.

The big cat was eventually shot dead around 3:26 a.m. by officers near 1630 Walnut St., about a block away from Chez Panisse and just around the corner from sandwich holy grail and Clog favorite Gregoire.

It is still quite unclear what the mountain lion’s motivation was for promenading in North Berkeley in the middle of the night, and it seems we may never know.

Image Source: SearchNetMedia under Creative Commons
Mountain Lion Shot, Killed Near Shattuck Avenue [Daily Cal]


Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse, slow foodie and haver-of-feuds with Anthony Bourdain is set to receive the Legion of Honor. On Tuesday, Waters reportedly got a letter informing her that she’d sautéed her way to France’s highest honor. No word yet on how exactly she was chosen for the prize or when she’ll receive it.


Image Source: Stuck in Customs under Creative Commons
Alice Waters to Receive France’s Highest Honor [SFoodie]

Chef extraordinaire Alice Waters may seem a little kooky to some. But judging by this 60 Minutes segment, we’re beginning to believe there may be something of a brilliant economist hiding behind that deceptively dreamy expression and soft-spoken voice.

You can’t deny that the woman has vision. Her insistence that “good food should be a right and not a privilege” is inspiring at best, read more »

Most Berkeleyans know Alice Waters pioneered “California cuisine” through Chez Panisse, but her championing of healthy foods for school-age children is no less a historical achievement: Observe Berkeley’s public schools, where food is made using many ingredients grown locally.

But rising food costs have made it increasingly harder for schools to serve better quality food than pizzas that rate 5 or more napkins on the grease scale. read more »

bobAlex Filippenko wins again for being a crazy, awesome dude, the Bear’s Lair prevails as Berkeley’s best bar, and Chez Panisse still owns everyone and their mother. Which of these does not belong?

You’ve voted (or turned up your nose and refused to have anything to do with the process — either way), and the results are out. The Best of Berkeley 2008 results are up, and everything that won really is just a flipflop shuffle from the Units.

But the real upset comes at the bottom of the campus category: the Daily Cal’s own arts editorial staff chose our blogging cohorts at the OTR over yours truly. Shock! Awe! Good on you, OTR. In the meanwhile, we’re just going to be in this here corner dabbing at our jealous tears with a lacy handkerchief.

Best of Berkeley 2008 [Daily Cal]