Aboard the steadfast Zhen Hua 17, four behemoth hunks of our new Bay Bridge arrived 6 days early from China last week, greeted with thunder and lightning at Oakland’s Pier 7. This baby’s gonna cost lit-er-ally double than the initial plans projected. Makes us wonder what could have been done if we just, you know, rearranged some hunks of the old Bay Bridge instead of building a whole new east wing. read more »


Put on your listening ears and use your indoor voices, because a symphony is coming to Berkeley. Not just any symphony, either: the Shanghai Symphony.

The Shanghai Symphony has succeeded in raising its international profile and is now kicking off a 12 city tour of North America, including a stop at our very own Zellerbach Hall. So pat yourselves on the back, Berkeley high-culture fiends. Yet another feather in your illustrious cap.

The symphony’s shaking things up a little with read more »


twitterBetween your friend Mike’s 10:01 p.m status update regarding his overall positive reaction to the season finale of “Lost” that he just finished and this guy‘s prescription-drug fueled exploration of his carpet, it’s easy to overlook the potential for democratic discourse and fringe political subversion that good ol’ Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube apparently possess. Or so the Chinese government seems to think. Anticipating the twenty year anniversary of its bloody attempt to stifle political dissent at Tiananmen square, it is taking a 21st century approach to authoritarian paranoia

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

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Earlier this week, Chinese doctors released the first definition of Internet addiction. Consider it in beta mode. Could you be one of the sufferers?

Do you yearn to get back online? Check.
Spend at least six hours a day online? Probably.
Do you have difficulty concentrating or sleeping? Concentrating, word.

Hi, we’re the Clog, and we’re Internet-aholics.

Apparently, 80 percent of addicts can be treated, and treatment lasts three months. We bet it has something to do with taking away the Internet, and that would be a no-go for us. We don’t have a problem–we’re just ahead of our analog times, that’s all.

Image Source: galina135 under Creative Commons
China issues first definition of Internet addiction [China Daily]
via Lifehacker

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on earth.

Unfortunately, the title isn’t a reference to illegal, bootlegged copies of Chinese porn or anything like that. Instead, the Communist government notorious for Platonically enlightening its citizens by denying them access to terrabytes of information decided to give in to criticism and allow journalists access they didn’t have before. That’s more than we can say for our wireless connection, which annoyingly loves to cut out every 15 minutes or so. read more »