Christina Romer — UC Berkeley professor, former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers under Obama, and a right little ray of sunshine — certainly doesn’t mince her words:

Christina Romer “We Are Pretty Darn F**ked!” [YouTube]

mahaha, yes, it's funny 'cause we're screwed.[Disclaimer: contrary to what the title asserts, we don't mean to name-call; we just really like alliteration.]

Remember Christina Romer? Former UC Berkeley professor, she’s been away guiding Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors toward a brighter monetary future for us all.

Said future’s looking pretty grim, though, after the farewell valedictory Romer served up at yesterday’s National Press Club luncheon. On her way out of Washington–she’s coming back to Berkeley, yay!–the chairwoman bestowed upon colleagues and America the overarching wisdom garnered from her labors: read more »


The sting of being picked last for kickball can last a lifetime. UC Berkeley professors have pretty good standing in the political kickball arena as it is, and President Obama, a pretty baller team captain if we may say so, just chose another local for the lineup. With Goldman School of Public Policy professor Michael Nacht joining Obama’s administration, our self validation swells and Stanford belittlement grows even easier.

Obama nominated Nacht for the position of Assistant Secretary of Defense, Global Strategic Affairs. Nacht works abreast of some other big names at the public policy school, including Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, economy bigshot Robert Reich. Nacht will join fellow UC Berkeley professors Christina Romer, Steven Chu, and Thomas Kalil, who serve respectively as economic advisor, secretary of energy, and associate director of the Office of Science and Technology, on the all-star adminsitration. Meanwhile, Stanford’s two “special advisors” wave from the bench.

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Obama taps Berkeley scholar for high-level job [SF Chronic]

With the UC Board of Regents threatening to cut enrollment without more funding from the state and a recent phenomenon of beginning sentences with “With the economy as it is … ” it seems that Berkeley thinks it’s finally time to tell us what everybody already knows: the economy is failing, nobody has any money and we’re all screwed. Surprise!

Looming state budget shortfalls, declining endowments and tuition increases, oh my! Sponsored by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a symposium will be held this Tuesday to discuss the economic fate of the UC system and do what Berkeley does best: hold open forums for discourse on important controversial topics. Hopefully, though, this one will actually help solve the problem and not just provide a safe space for letting off steam. read more »