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When we saw “Berkeley” on the front cover of The New York Times’ Weekend Arts section, we thought, “Hey! That’s us,” and then dove into a rut of deep self-consciousness. It’s not often that we have so many upper-right-coast eyes peering in our direction. Leave it to hotshot local yokel Billie Joe Armstrong. His theatrical excursion is out and the reviews are in. Drum roll, please: read more »

Today marks a momentous moment for the Clog: For the first time EVER we have a change in editors.As of this moment, Christine Borden is your new Clog editor. I have no doubt that she will tear it up or tear it off for all of our Jonathan Yorde [that's me], current blog editor and former design editor, managing editor and copy editor, has decided that he has run out of roles to play at the Daily Cal and will be moving on. Christine Borden, Daily Clog staff member and Sex on Tuesday columnist, intends to bring sexy back, forward and sideways.First of all, she already has. And I’d pay to see it again. But more importantly, this is a moment for reflection.It’s been an exciting year starting the Clog. I’ve made a few close friends from it, and lost a lot of potential friendships at the same time. There comes a time in every blogger’s life when he or she must consider whether to tone down some content. Will someone be offended? Is this fair? And it is at that moment when a blogger must retire. Or graduate.We at the Clog have tried to present the campus as it sort of is so that all of us can know what all of us are doing. This is, in essence, the Facebook news feed of the campus and as such can only represent what students tell it. So please be a part and send us your tips, post your comments, join our Facebook group, and read us. You could also join the Clog staff and be shameless too.To Christine, rock it.Peacing Out,Jonathan YordeChanging of the Guard [Daily Cal]