christopher-edleyWe’re writing from the Steinhard Courtyard of Boalt Hall, where a in collaboration with UCMeP (UC Movement for Efficient Privatization)-organizedSave Our Dean (SOD) just concluded a Solidarity Rally for Law School Dean Christopher Edley, complete with catchy slogans,  a remote-controlled car, barf bags, well-dressed law students, and healthy doses of equal parts hope, idealism and passion.

Drums punctuate the chants of “No pensions, no peace!” and ”Executive pensions are under attack! What do we do? Stand up and fight back!”

A law student takes the microphone to say, with a straight face, “You, sir, turn the epithet, ‘craven scum,’ into an honorific. We’re all craven scum!” as rally-goers erupt into cheers.

The rally is in response to a recent letter co-signed by 36 UC executives to UC President Mark Yudof and the Regents arguing against the establishment of pension benefit caps and the Dean’s decision to be amongst the signatories.

And what does that have to do with remote-controlled cars and barf bags?

The little bright orange car maneuvering between the forest of students’ legs is the future Tesla vehicle Dean Edley will be able to afford with the pension benefits the fictitious Apollo Group representative is offering him, while the barf bags are actually BARF bags, the Bereft Administrators’ Relief Fund’s fundraising containers.

(Note: Post edited for accuracy)

Image source: Save Our Dean web banner


Expect many more headlines like this one in the coming months. We’re guessing that throughout this pivotal moment in UC’s history, online education baton twirler Christopher Edley – the dean of Boalt Hall School of Law – would like you to not think of the following fine institutions: University of Phoenix, traffic school. Well, too late. People are getting nervous.

Having waxed panicky our due, we acknowledge that this seemingly outlandish proposal deserves a fair and cool-headed appraisal (the ball has kinda begun rolling, anyway). For the situation and the pros and cons raised so far, keep reading. read more »


We’ve all heard about the racial problems at UC San Diego. You may have even seen the protest on Sproul. And recently the UC regents met with chancellors of various campuses and a special adviser to discuss how to take care of the system’s intolerance problems.

It wasn’t just San Diego, by the way, before you start blaming SoCal. According to the article there was also “anti-gay graffiti and swastikas at Davis and disruption by protesters at a talk read more »


Y’know, there are just some days when you pick up the paper, scan the front page and say to yourself, “Damn, it feels good to be an ordinary citizen, generally unworthy of quotation.” Because then you could be stuck forever with a gem like this credited to your name:

“Through these and subsequent meetings (I) will develop a plan for how I might be useful,” he [Boalt Hall Dean Christopher Edley] said in a statement. “It depends on what people believe they need in light of what’s already been agreed, and we’ll take it from there.” read more »

mac-plugged-inWe already knew the internet was for porn and snarky blogs and other important stuff, but is it really possible to go to class online without checking your Facebook every 10 minutes or going on a Wikipedia binge?

We don’t mean the online courses they currently offer as a supplement to your education in the classroom, we’re talking about a full-fledged online UC. No chalk boards, no beer pong, no Asian Ghetto.

The idea comes from Berkeley School of Law dean, Christopher Edley, who advocated creating a “cyber campus” in an opinion piece published in Wednesday’s New York Times. It would cost a little more than a community college education, without any of the hassle of actually moving. read more »