Is it hiding inside that hideous tent monstrosity on Memorial Glade? Will it birth from the those wooden poles in front of Dwinelle, like Athena from the head of Zeus? Or are these all mere decoys to distract us from the real location of the legendary art installation? After weeks on the edge of our seats, gripped with suspense and puzzlement about what the Campaign for Berkeley public art installation would look like, and–more importantly–where it would be located, the wait is over, and, frankly, we can’t say we’re falling out of our chairs with awe and wonderment. read more »


Oh Berkeley campus, you really do know what turns students on. We could care less about your long, tall trees (or who’s sitting in them.) Your sexily schizoid architecture? Meh. Your scent? A grassy musk at best. Even the great phallic Campanile seems a bit too forward at times. No, what we’re really interested in is your lamppost banners, and nothing says “This is an awesome school and everyone who goes here loves it,” like big signs that say “This is an awesome school and everyone who goes here loves it.” Well, in so many words, of course. read more »