free speechThe first of this month marked the 47th anniversary of Berkeley’s very own Free Speech Movement.

It started back in 1964 when a graduate student named Jack Weinberg declined to show his identification to campus police while sitting at a booth for the Congress of Racial Equality. As a consequence of his refusal, Weinberg was arrested, sparking the famous movement.

The Free Speech Movement spread nationwide in, hopes of eliminating the rules against political action on college campuses. Today, there is a steel ring encircling a hole on Sproul Plaza to pay respect to the historic event.   read more »

As campuses across the nation celebrated Obama’s victory with chanting, marching and other merriment in the streets, over 2,000 angered citizens of San Francisco attended a candlelight vigil yesterday in front of City Hall organized by Marriage Equality California. Protesters held signs reading “I woke up with less rights than I had yesterday” and “Separation of hate and state. No on Prop 8!”

West Hollywood also held a rally with over 5,000 protesters, resulting in seven arrests and massive street blockage. The next day another 3,000 protesters marched near a temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Westwood section of Los Angeles, to draw attention to the Mormon Church’s throwing mass quantities of moolah at the Prop 8 campaign. read more »