Remember that little problem we have with the economy? Well if you’re in the Berkeley class of 2010-11 we have good news.

You actually have be an adult now, and like, be a real person… Not to rub it in or anything.

But that’s not what we wanted to say.

The good news has to do with the promising results of the Employment Recruitment trends survey sent out by UC Berkeley’s Career Center.

Responses reveal that 85 percent of employers plan to hire at the same rate as last year, or perhaps even better. Almost half the employers will recruit for full-time jobs at a rate of 15-30 percent greater than for the last graduating class. And 85 percent of employers say they are doing this internship conversion deal which is exactly what it sounds like: you get hired for an internship and they may just convert it into a job.

Career Center really does have cool opportunities and a broad range of fields, from the arts to engineering, and even international options. So now you don’t have to feel so bad about that whole growing up thing.

Image Source: under Creative Commons
Employement Opportunities Looking up for Berkeley Graduates [Career Center]

With all the hype about incoming pole vaulter Allison Stokke, we decided to take a closer look at UC Berkeley’s class of 2011. We’ll try to be nice, but we can’t promise anything.

One thing’s for sure—this group is mighty eager. We present exhibit A, the event Berkeley Class of 2011 Freshman Roll Call!! (because one exclamation point just wouldn’t do it justice). About 256 members plan to go and 78 say maybe to the tradition of rolling down 4.0 Hill. The hill may see the most frosh ass it’s ever had in one day.

Kids, the Clog would like to let you know that we still haven’t gotten a 4.0. Don’t major in English.

The freshmen’s happy-go-lucky attitude almost scares us:

bq. First of all, Karen has this rocking new title for the event which is Roll CAL. lol and second of all, one of our goals shall henceforth be to make this event so bangin awesome

We are sad to admit we were once so jubilant too. They’re too joyous and too loving. More than 100 freshies joined the group Unit 1: I love my 2011 UC Berkeley habitat!, so happy to have a place called not-quite-home-but-where-we-will-consume-massive-amounts-of-Ramen. There’s one thread going on about Freeborn, the substance-free building of Unit 1.

“People who don’t need unnatural substances to make them feel better unite!,” one guy exclaimed. He will soon be smoking cloves just like everyone else.

And guess what? Someone’s “bringing the pixie sticks, AND the caffeinated beverages. what now.”

Maybe they should join The Party Group of UCB 2011. This team of freshmen is super organized and taking initiative … to have a beer pong tourney. It’s yet another freshman tradition.

If the phrase “2011 UC Berkeley habitat” wasn’t bad enough, get ready for the kicker.

Berkeley Survivers 2007-2011. Excellence, with an “e.”

They’re in it to win it. They’re sticking it to the man:

bq. “Cal, I will not only reach but surpass all of the expectations I have for myself at this university.” BTW, you should still join even if your goal is just to party and get trashed; we can help you do that as well! :)

Oh, childrens.