We'll CLAW our way to the top.OK, so at spot numero 48, we’re hardly the Blair Waldorf of U.S. News and World Report’s “Most Popular Colleges” list, but the point is we made it–and Berkeley’s ahead of UCLA, Cal Tech and about a hundred other national universities. Oh, and did we mention we’re also a good page jump ahead of the University of Southern California?

Guess money really can’t buy you lov–Um … hey, what’s up, list-topper Harvard and fourth most popular Stanford? Want to set your solid gold lunch trays down at our cafeteria table? Nah, you can take our last Nutter Butter. It’s not like they’re our FAVORITES. But now that you’re here, can we come to your party on Saturday? We hear it’s going to be off the heezy and all your, like, totally rich alumni are going to be there, and stuff … Ahem. Cough. Sonotbitter! Cough. read more »