It’s Christmas come early at the Clog, boys and girls. Considering how long it’s been (read: over five months) since we last cleaned out our comment closet, we’ve got a veritable Santa’s bag of goodies this time around.

Where O where to begin? Perhaps an appetizer featuring unexpected “your mom” jokes? Or maybe you prefer to whet your taste with a tall glass of ummm-fair-enough?

OK, sorry, the allegory was starting to creep us out, too. read more »

Unfortunately, not our new mascot. BEARCATS EXIST!
So we just finally capitulated to the relentless chalking underfoot near the libraries of campus and Googled “OskiCat,” which, according to aforementioned chalk, is “Coming 5.27.09.”  Much to our dismay, we’re not getting a new mascot that is some monstrous (or ADORABLE) combination of a bear and a kitten, nor is something of comparable epicness happening.

Alas, OskiCat is merely the new library catalog that will soon replace GLADIS and Pathfinder. Apparently there was a logo contest

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde hd

for it, but we’re pretty sure the winner didn’t get to meet Clint Eastwood this time. Don’t get us wrong, it sounds pretty nifty and all, with its new features–like the ability to renew items, limit results to available items ” … and much more!” But, honestly … yawn. Well, at least it doesn’t involve another arbitrary “BEARS

” acronym or some variation thereof.

Image Source: Joachim S. Muller under Creative Commons
OskiCat [UCB Library

OskiCat [Facebook

Devil's Knight download


A surprising number of people don’t realize that the Brutalist concrete chunk on Bancroft Way next to Caffe Strada is Berkeley’s own art museum. It doesn’t exactly scream “soothing gallery space,” at least from the outside, which is why we were way excited when we heard that we were getting a new one–designed by “modern-day Japanese luminary” Toyo Ito, no less. read more »


Bad-asseryWe’re not sure what it is about Clint Eastwood and Berkeley’s Center for Japanese Studies, but apparently they go together like Clint Eastwood and movies with guns in them. Or Clint Eastwood and silver foxiness. Ahem. You get the gist.

Anyway, what we’re getting at here is that the (and we quote ourselves on this one) “laconic gunslinger, squint-eyed cowboy lady-killer, stone-cold sonofabitch and enduring icon of masculinity” himself was in Berkeley on Friday, for the second time this academic year, and for the second time this academic year, he was at the Center for Japanese Studies.

Last time Eastwood was seen ’round these parts, it was to speak at a reception as a prize for designing the Resident Faculty Program’s logo. This time, he was here getting a prize, instead of being a prize. read more »