* Do you read the Clog?
* Do you ever daydream about becoming a Clogger?
* Or do you just enjoy writing snarky things about Berkeley?

You may be in luck.

The Clog is looking to read more »

The Clog is actively seeking mercenary spies to crawl this area and beyond and to report to us with awkward findings.

We at the Clog are pretty darn close to all-knowing, but occasionally, we attend class and pretend to have a social life. During these rare occasions, we may miss out on something zany, thought-provoking, or flat out stupid that happens at or around campus … enter: You.

If you attend an interesting event in campus or in the Bay Area or catch wind of news pertaining to “student life”, we want to know about it. Email us a description of the topic and (if possible) a picture. Extra brownie points to you should you include entertaining commentary . If we like your goods, we’ll post about it. Easy peasy. We ask that you include your name in your email–we’ll rest better at night that way. We’ll maintain a level of anonymity in the actual post, and we’ll give credit where it’s due.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Email: [email protected]

Image Source: Andy Hay under Creative Commons

Hey all you kids out there in cyberland! Welcome to this semester’s edition of “Who wants to work for the Daily Cal?” where we’ll answer all your questions about how to get involved with Berkeley’s oldest entirely student-run publication. (Not to mention its award-winning affiliated blog … Ahem, ahem!)

Recruitment meetings are scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 29 at 4 p.m. and Monday, Sept. 1 at 3 p.m. Meet in 600 Eshleman Hall (a.k.a. the Daily Cal’s world headquarters) where the various section editors will be on hand, and you can extract from them whatever tasty morsels of Daily Cal info you require to take the plunge and apply. (OK, within reason. Obviously.) Godspeed, young reader, and hope to see you there!

Image Source: Jim judges under wikimedia commons
Apply to the Daily Cal [Daily Cal]

ClogGreetings, lovely readers. As a new semester paws at the Clog’s heels (pun intended), we’re preparing a spring full of scrumptious, high-cholesterol blog food for your reading pleasure. But before you can dive in, we need some fresh writing voices!

Major clog duties include:

* Posting at least four times a week
* Attending a weekly meeting
* Strong interest and/or involvement in Berkeley student life
* Writing with a confident voice, creativity and without errors

Does that sound like you? If so, send your goodies to [email protected].

Please include your name, year, contact information, and a few sample Clog posts. You may even send some posts from your own blog, if you have one. Note: no whiny LiveJournal entries about how you broke up with your boyfriend and consoled yourself with a chicken salad. Please.

Complete these two steps with flying colors, and you’re halfway toward becoming a bona fide Clogger! Oh, and you also get paid. But that’s not important to you, because you love to write. Right?

We’ll set the deadline to Feb. 1st to coincide with the Daily Cal recruitment schedule, but we suggest you apply as soon as possible. Hiring will be done on an as-we-go basis.

Sometime in the near (and possibly nebulous) future, The Daily Clog site will be down momentarily. Now don’t cheer cry just yet–we’ll be back up in jiffy. Our site will undergo some changes, such as a switch to WordPress and a new design.

We’re not sure when exactly … alas, we are a paper powered by mere students. Before the beginning of next semester (and hopefully before winter break), the tech fairy will visit the Clog and bless it with magical, technological advances and doodads.

What does this mean for you? Not much, really, except that the Clog won’t look as ugly or as hateful. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for our staff.

Last week we revisited the dead, and well, we’re still stuck in the past. Or maybe we’re so far embedded in our present that we completely forgot about our own birthday.

As of Oct. 16, we are officially one year old. What did we look like at such a tender age, one year back? So glad you asked. Voila:

  1. ASUC Meeting this Wednesday at 7
  2. Bears Ranked No. 10 in First BCS Poll
  3. Breaking News: Three Senators Withdraw Support for SB 51
  4. Clogging Berkeley: Real News Edition
  5. Cal Sports Quiki

Those were simpler times. Oh, how we’ve grown! (Perhaps for the worse.)

But maybe we didn’t forget our birthday after all. Maybe our first post ever wasn’t the day we were born, but rather the day we were conceived. And the ensuing posts were our gestation period. And then our real birthday was our first live post ever. This blog thing is so confusing.

On Nov. 8, 2006, Jonathan Yorde, founding blog editor, wrote on going live:

Today marks the official debut of The Daily Clog, a tragic name for self-important, postmodern yellow journalism in proximity to UC Berkeley.

For those new to the blogosphere, we cover what’s already been covered or what wasn’t worth covering the first time around. We aren’t original, particularly witty, or even slightly useful. We just are. Like dust, but jaded and oddly magnetic.

At least some things haven’t changed. And note the date: Nov. 8. Perhaps we didn’t miss our birthday after all?

Who cares anyway? Let’s just eat cake.

Image Source: Anna Hiatt, Daily Cal
Is This Thing Live? [Daily Clog]
Earlier: It’s Not Over Yet: Happy Day of the Dead

After some intensive laboring (read: trolling Facebook), we have put together a calendar of student events taking place around campus.

So far the calendar is only updated for October, but we will continuously add events to flesh out the calendar. Soon (as in tomorrow) you’ll see a permanent link on the left column to the Clog Calendar.

For now, though, you can bookmark the link, or you can add the calendar to your iGoogle page or your own Google Calendar—just search for “UC Berkeley Student Events.” If you want to contribute to the calendar, just hit us up at [email protected] with your student event.


Clog Calendar [Daily Clog]

See those words over there to the left? The ones that spell out “About the Clog”?

Yeah, you should click them ’cause we just updated that sucker. Now you can finally know something more about us and the Clog than our lousy names. Psh, Christine Borden. More like Christine Boredom! Haha, that’s a good one, huh?

You could also be really lazy and read about us by clicking here.

Or here.

Better yet, try here. Third time’s a charm, right?

You may have noticed our slight catastrophe the last couple days. The Clog was showing a home page that was not ours and when we came back up, we were missing content.

No, we did not turn into No, we are not calling it quits. And no, we are certainly not done covering the ASUC elections.

But what we are is more reliable. Now we are, at least. We had to move all of our data from one shitty computer to a less shitty computer in order to keep us going. So here we are, to stay. We promise.

Did you miss us? We missed you, too.

Oh, you like us. You really like us.

Well, maybe not you, but somebody does. Along with other members of the Daily Cal, the Clog will receive a Mark of Excellence award. We Cloggers have been honored in the category Best Affiliated Web site for our region. Cheers, thanks a lot.

The Society of Professional Journalists awards the Mark of Excellence to honor “the best in student journalism” in various regions of the country. Those who win first place in their region go on to the national competition in Washington. SPJ recently announced the regional winners in 39 categories. The organization has yet to announce the places (you know, first, second, third, and Awesome Almighty)—instead, we have to dance around excitedly until the awards ceremony.

SPJ distinguished a handful of the Daily Cal staff, particularly the sports section. The Clog shouts out a “wut it do” to the following OGs:
* Brian Bainum, Stephen Chen and Steven Durst for Online Sports Reporting in “Football: Cal at USC”
* Stephen Chen for Sports Column Writing in “Cal Football Columns”
* Amina Khan in Editorial Writing for “Intelligent Activism”
* Bryan Thomas in In-Depth Reporting for “Living on the Fault”

SPJ also distinguished the campus publication Ethsix in the category Best Student Magazine. Ethsix is a single issue magazine put forth by UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism and School of Social Work.

When it comes to judging the submissions, SPJ looks for ingenuity, journalistic standards, insight and creativity. Of course we at the Clog have all these, plus some superhero talents. Right now, for instance, we can totally see you naked. (OK, maybe we’re imagining you naked. Same difference.)

May 5, SPJ will hold the awards ceremony in Fullerton, California. There the presenters will announce the actual place awarded for each winner. Cross your fingers! We may bring home a pimp cup.