Fellow blogger Krista Lane may be hiding a secret past. Actually, that would only work if she were 40-something years old, which our Lane is clearly not.

The topic came up during a discussion of hot keywords for The Daily Clog. People searched for Ethan Strauss, for Lucas Westmaas, etc. We joked that Lane would soon see her name in lights (or at least in a link from a Google search).

Not exactly, Lane pointed out. She’s not represented until the ninth link listed under Google’s search engine. See for yourself: Krista Lane is an honest-to-God porn star. And no, that link is not to porn. We figure you already know how to find that yourself.

“Krista Lane was the Jenna Jameson of her time, before Jenna Jameson,” Lane explained.

But the kicker?

Lane added, upon reflection: “Actually, my sister’s name is Jenna.”