sketchyAn article ran in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle recounting the story of John Gibson, a 21-year-old former Cloyne Court resident. Gibson suffered a heart attack in the co-op back in March, which caused irreversible brain damage. He is now cared for by his parents at their home in San Diego

The larger point of the article, however, is to heap blame on the drug culture and “culture of silence” prevalent in Cloyne and other housing situations. Indeed, the claim that it took 3 hours for anyone to call 911 to help Gibson is a troubling one.

Another choice element of the story is a quote from UC Berkeley Police Chief Mitch Celaya referring to Cloyne as a “hell hole.” read more »


When you’re shattering a bottle of Mickey’s against the far wall of Cloyne Court’s courtyard this weekend (or any weekend!) keep in mind that this wall is shared by a now 5 million dollars more prestigious Goldman School of Public Policy. Richard and Rhoda, your names will remain in letters.

The extra funds will allow the Goldman School to grow and develop read more »