268149161_b370a426ed_oIt’s time to ‘fess up, guys. No one actually checks their Facebook invites anymore, do they? We see the notification, get a little bit giddy, and then frown just a little bit when we realize it’s not a “like” on that latest photo we posted of our breakfast cereal a la almond milk and banana slices.

However, sometimes it could just do some good to check the event invites more closely, even if we have to wade through the multiple club meetings and sponsorship spams. In fact, there may be hidden gems such as the Willard Park Clothing Swap buried deep beneath all those frat parties and grilled cheese sales.

Hosted by Ruby Lee and friends TODAY from 5 p.m. to 8p.m. at Willard Park (snuggled in between Regent Avenue, Hillegass Avenue, and Dana Street), the clothing swap is meant to channel the free piles at the co-ops.

Essentially, you just bring a bunch of clothes that you don’t want, have been trying to donate, planned on burning anyway, etc. and let people take what they feel like. The trade-off is that you get to browse other people’s free piles and grab what you want, too! For goods that are more expensive, one-on-one trades are allowed and even encouraged. read more »

leaseThere’s been a bit of a fuss lately involving the lease on Rochdale Apartments. The apartments are operated through the Berkeley Student Cooperative, and the lease is coming up for renewal at the end of the school year.

The apartments are built on land leased from the university for the sweet price of $1 a year, and seems like a much better situation than the last bit of real estate we saw at that price. The cost to student residents is a little steeper, at $1,788 a semester, but that could all be about to change. read more »

In case you were actually studying or something during finals, and you were not lined up along the pathway on Level C of Main Stacks (psh, you intellectual elitist) then you missed over 3 dozen co-opers freeing themselves of their intellectual and material burdens as they streaked through the stacks this past Monday.

The annual naked run through the library makes UCLA’s Undie Run look about as radical as wearing neon colors and making obscure references to ninjas. So next year, instead of going on Facebook for the 100th time or watching reruns of The Simpsons to liberate your mind from finals, why not liberate your body from its material bonds–or just be a creeper and watch the parade of nudity, like us. We’re not judging, either way.

Cal Streakers Finals Week-Fall 2008 [YouTube]

* Once again, it’s proof that football rules the (college) world.

* Nothing compares to you. In other words: Love yourself. Yes, in that way too.

* In case of the Big One, let’s hope Sean Penn will rescue us from our Berkeley rubble.

* Looking for cheaper housing? Yet another “co-ops: which one?” discussion.

nothing compares [YouTube]
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foodFree food. As a natural extension of Cal Day, the co-ops are opening up their in-house foodie fests to the general public for the rest of this week. If you live off culinary delights like top ramen and mayonnaise-slathered bologna sandwiches like we do, now’s your chance to stave off death by malicious triglycerides and hobnob with some hippies in the process.

Speaking of hippies, Loth’s dinner starts at 6:30 p.m. tonight, followed by Casa Zimbabwe at 7 p.m. and Afro House at 7:30 p.m. The rest of the schedule follows after the cut. read more »


Not to put a damper on your break or anything, but remember that city-wide crack in the earth that Berkeley was built on top of? Well, cautionary reports about the Hayward Fault getting set to throw a seismic shit-fit just about any year now have galvanized our usually ponderous bureaucracies to get their acts together and provide us with some emergency plans in case we were to, you know, fall into that crack and die. read more »

Cloyne is the center of innovation, experimentation and recreation. It makes sense that a co-op as large and as rambunctious as Cloyne would not only have a talent show but also upload videos of the special event.

Dance, it seems, is the clone’s art of choice. Above, we have a engaging rendition of the Evolution of Dance, deftly choreographed for multiple dancers.

Another is not so successful.

Not so fast, Napoleon wannabe. Your moves can’t match the glory of the film. In the socially-challenged teen’s words, we’d have to say “this is pretty much the worst video ever made.”

OK, so not the worst worst, but we doubt that you, the dear readers, will get through it.

Evolution of Dance, Cloyne Talent Show [YouTube]
Napoleon Dynamite at Cloyne [YouTube]

Digging through YouTube, we decided to vary our search from “UC Berkeley” to “Cloyne.” There wasn’t as much booty as we had hoped, but we did set ourselves to wondering.

What came first: the chicken …

Or the pot?

Spencer Blackhart: Drug Policy [YouTube]
Marijuana Cookies [YouTube]

Although it’s tough to move on from writing about those tireless, vote grubbing ASUCers, we really have to shift to this other breaking news: Those lovable Cheeseboardians are up to something! Those Berkeley-epitomizing co-opers recently acquired one of the buildings between the cheese and pizza shops intending to double the size of their operation. Fortunately, they were nice enough to give the Clog a tour.

Cooperative cooperator Steve Manning told us, “It’s a better quality experience for the customers with the new space. Half for them, half for us.”

The growth of this urban kibbutz should mean more options for the cheese-loving proletariat. The mysterious co-op has a stated goal of adding three to four new products but hasn’t committed to anything just yet. Salads and desserts could be in the works, but who knows with these unpredictable cheeseniks.

Cheeseborder Cathy Goldsmith says, “There are no rules, we’re really anarchists.”

The new space might even inspire these radicals to add tomato sauce to the pizzas. We apologize to the families of any Clog readers who just died from the shock.

Apparently, there has never been a moratorium on tomato sauce at the Cheeseboard; it just never had the means. With new digs, though, anything can happen.

Goldsmith puns, “Things tend to work organically in here. You hope and you have a place, but it all works in an organic way.”

Dude, that’s so blue state.

Though the co-op is experimenting with new ideas, don’t count on non-vegetarian pizza anytime soon. It says here you’ve got a better chance of seeing them name a pie after Reagan.

So when will we finally have our brand new mega Cheeseboard? Well, it should happen sometime in the summerish-maybe-kinda-we’ll-see.