After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

To those of you who are spending this weekend in a state of soporific depression because you’re anywhere but Coachella, thank your lucky stars — you have narrowly avoided “dying from a drug overdose, alcohol poisoning, sex game gone wrong accident or be murdered by a Ecstasy induced wizard.”

Yes, you read that right (grammatical deficiencies and all). The facts can be found here, but be warned, they are terrifying to conceive. Tyson Bowers III has broken down every illusion about the musical festival to its bare-boned reality, which is this: read more »

We saw how popular videos of naked people were on our site. Maybe people like robot rock too?

Daft Punk found themselves amid a popularity blitz after their set at Coachella last year, thanks to their fans sneaking in cameras and posting on YouTube. And last night, Daft Punk came to Berkeley’s Greek to a sold-out show and of course, the trusty Clog digital camera.

If you’re looking for a review of the show, you’ll have to wait for the review section in Thursday’s paper. But we’ve got the vids, and that’s all you really wanted to see, right? Who needs words when you have flashing lights?

Daft Punk went rainbow crazy for “Around the World,” and somebody on acid probably had a heart attack. We couldn’t tell. We were stuck in a mob of people and a cloud of, um, “cigarette” smoke.

Unfortunately, this was the last video the Clog cam was able to capture, but it was only the beginning of the revamped Daft Punk pyramid. We’re sure you can find more videos on YouTube, but for now you feast your eyes on nine (yes, nine!) more Daft Punk visual orgasms, courtesy of the Clog.

Yes, we love you too.

TheDailyClog’s Videos [YouTube]
Daft Punk Alive – Around the World [YouTube]
Daft Punk Alive – Around the World (a different one) [YouTube]
Daft Punk Alive – Face to Face [YouTube]