Yoo can always tell a new school year is nigh when the hordes of protesters start accumulating in the general area of campus. Like the swallows of Capistrano, who return to their nests each year with freakish regularity, read more »

John Yoo, lucky duck of a man, can now add the lovely ladies of Code Pink to his ever-expanding fan base. Like so many shameless groupies, the avid activists clamored outside his Berkeley residence early Sunday evening, vying desperately for the law professor’s attention. Haven’t they any dignity?

Okay, so that’s not exactly how it went down, which (transparent sarcasm notwithstanding) read more »

After months of sustained pressure from local Marine recruiters carrying signs, chanting, blocking sidewalk traffic and demanding designated parking spots, the Albany office of activist group Code Pink finally capitulated and closed its doors in surrender. read more »

Apparently, there are throngs less protesters at the Marine recruiting center on Shattuck Avenue, proof that Code Pink and The World Can’t Wait: Drive Out the Bush Regime prefer it when multiple cameras are present. [Mercury News]

Cal grad student Larissa Kelly boosts Cal’s academic reputation by winning lots of money on Jeopardy and setting new records for women on the show. Her current cash total is at $179,797, more than the salaries of all history department alumni combined! [Inside BayArea]

Do you have a relative in Modesto who went to your commencement in Zellerbach Hall? If so, there’s a small chance that they’re a tad bit pissed at the lack of flags onstage to honor America and the state of California. Either that, or someone’s just looking for reasons to hate on “Berserkeley.” [Modesto Bee]

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Well, you can’t say that Code Pink doesn’t bring the lulz. Far from toning down the crazy in the face of nationally syndicated television coverage, studiously wacky Code Pinkers told reporters from FOXNews.com yesterday that they were hosting a “witches, crone and sirens” day in protest of the war, complete with pointy hats, magical spells and cauldrons of purty flowers.

Our favorite part is the detail about the pro-troops group, Move Forward America, which brought packets of salt and spread them around the recruitment center to, get this, keep their precious Marines safe from the spells. Lunacy is contagious. Didn’t you know? In the meantime, FOX News has trained a 24/7 webcam on the recruitment center storefront, laboring under the delusion, no doubt, that they’ll be able to score some damning evidence of Satanic rituals on tape if they wait long enough.

Image Source: moonrising under Creative Commons
Spells Cast at Anti-Marine Rally in California [FOXNews]

As of now, UC Berkeley spent an estimated $300,000 on tree-sitting. But don’t clutch at your pockets just yet–the cost comes out of a $13 million contingency fund, not tuition! Then again, there is that question of how the university will replenish said contingency fund. Hmm. [Inside Bay Area]

In more news pertaining to the utter waste of money: Some Republican dude still wants to take away Berkeley’s transportation funding (a.k.a. the money to fix our terrible roads) until City Council takes away Code Pink’s parking spot once and for all. [Contra Costa Times]

UC Berkeley School of Law Dean responds to all the recent cries for him to fire John Yoo, who is infamous for penning documents that say torture is OK. “‘Yes, it does matter that Yoo was an adviser, but President Bush and his national security appointees were the deciders,’ Edley wrote.” [Associated Press]

Do spoiled Berkeley students–or most Americans, even–ever step out of their fairly comfortable bubbles to pay attention to world affairs? Only when one of us gets caught up in that mess. So, heads up: Egyptian police recently detained James Buck, a UC Berkeley J-school student, as he was working on his thesis. This happened following huge riots over the rising cost of bread due to the new focus on crops as bio-fuels instead of food. Oh, and we also found Buck’s resume, which has a sampling of his photojournalistic work. [abc7news.com]

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We hate to beat a dead horse (or a dead cause, as the case may be) but so long as people keep doing new stupid things, we’ll keep writing about them. As luck would have it, Friday was the culmination of a week’s worth of stup–er–Code Pink! (By the way, we officially recognize that we, like “The Daily Show“, are taking kind of a cheap shot here, but cut us some slack–we don’t have a whole country’s worth of idiocy to work with.)

Not even Jon Stewart could stop this indomitable bunch, and in honor of the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq they stepped up their game and set up a “green zone” outside the Marine recruiting center. Code Pink camped out last Sunday and bombarded the oppressors with Yoga, pot luck lunches, house plants, and eco-documentaries with what we’re assuming was eco-friendly popcorn. And yet, somehow, they still managed to get themselves arrested before the week was up. read more »

stanne2000pinkpeep.jpgScore one for Berkeley–well, kind of. Earlier this evening, everyone’s favorite “fake” news show (unless, of course, you prefer “The Colbert Report”) featured a segment in which “correspondent” (and ex-Marine) Rob Riggle visited our fair city and skewered Code Pink.

We thought it was pretty funny. But, come on, we’re college students. Jon Stewart is for us what Stephen Colbert is for college students–without him, we wouldn’t have any idea what’s going on. Naturally, we’re a bit biased. We want to keep our coverage fair and balanced, so we’ve compiled a short, completely objective pros and cons list.

EDIT: Daily Show clip after the jump! read more »

volcom-party.jpg Expect a rainbow-haired crowd of punky Berkeley High School students and their university ilk to cram Volcom’s Telegraph Avenue location tonight. The store is having its Grand Opening Party, finally–complete with free beer, free crap and a live band, Totimoshi.

We’re sure the “Youth Against Establishment” clothier picked Berkeley as its Northern California location because of our historically anti-establishment vibes. And they did so at a perfect time, too–considering the treewoks, Code Pink and others are getting louder than ever. We wish Volcom luck as they traverse the currently shaky business district that is Telegraph Avenue, though we have no doubt they’ll be able to sucker lots of trendy activists into buying their overpriced fashion statements.

Alternatively, you could shell out $3 and head to Wheeler Auditorium at 7 p.m. or 9:15 p.m. to enjoy a screening of recent Academy Award winner and all-around awesome film, “No Country for Old Men.” We guarantee it will be better than last Friday’s screening of “Berkeley.”

Image Source: Volcom

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In today’s Daily Cal article on the Code Pink free speech nonsense, Councilmember Gordon Wozniak states: “We’ve had many contentious meetings and we’ve never had any problems. People in Berkeley tend to pretty much agree to adhere to nonviolence.”

He is, of course, talking about the monster rally that is currently brewing outside Berkeley City Hall, where a mass of polarized protesters awaits the start of this evening’s City Council meeting. The council will decide tonight whether they want to take back their infamous “unwelcome and uninvited intruders” statement against the Marine Corps recruitment center on Shattuck Avenue, which caused an angry ruckus across the nation. But despite Wozniak’s assurance of a peaceful political rally, Cat Moy–a source for conservative blogger Michelle Malkin–has already witnessed “mayhem” go down on Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.

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