If-theres-no-text-at-all-Is-it-still-a-bookJust because we here at the Clog are living at the cutting-edge —inhabiting a digital frontier, if you will — doesn’t mean that we lack an appreciation for some of the finer qualities of the more … antiquated media. Which is why we were excited to hear that The Codex International Book Fair and Symposium will soon be arriving here in Berkeley. The fair, featuring 138 exhibitors, is dedicated to showcasing the artistry of books: the tomes on display aren’t the type that siphon funds from your bank account each semester, but are more often limited-edition, hand crafted works of individual artisans the world over.

Among the things you will likely witness at the book fair:

“Books that are boxes, books that open accordion-style, hand-printed books with original illustrations and bindings crafted from wood and bone…Inside may be contemporary poetry, or Shakespeare, or essays written by the artists themselves — or no text at all.”


The event will be in town for four days beginning this Sunday, February 13, at Pauley Ballroom.

A Fair Display of Books as Art [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]
Image Source: memegenerator