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patrickCold Stone’s extravagance diabetique and saccharine sing-songiness is out these days. Instead, recessionista thrift strikes C-Stone’s former Shattuck and Allston Way location with the honest promise of one dollar scoops Young Guns II movie download . There’s no fumbling federal metal at John’s Ice Cream- sales tax is included. And don’t expect to settle for some chocolate-strawberry-vanilla operation; of John’s 32 flavors, the Clog recommends you go for the cake batter, or fried ice cream if you’re feeling curious.

“People can’t believe that a scoop of ice cream only costs a dollar.  I have to keep telling them ‘it’s not a limited-time offer; this is just how we roll,’” says John’s employee Patrick Owens.  “I had a guy ask me for two half-scoops.  I told him we can’t do that, so he offered to pay me double,” he tells. Oh, sweet incredulity; who could say ‘no’ to some depression delights this summer? Jon’s opened on May 23 and has one other location down south. The Clog expects it will stay around for a while.

Image Source: Alex Bigman
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