4095665898_1c1806d25c_bFinancial Aid seminars? Not hipster. Enthusiastic people? Not hipster. Science? Not hipster. Dr. Dog? Not … Wait, Hipster!

We were feeling left out. We, the hipsters, are a big part of the Cal community, and yet on the day devoted to Cal and all of its glory, we were beginning to feel a little under-represented. But, the Cal Day concert is our time to show those incoming freshman that Cal is, and always will be, a hipster haven. Adding to the list of indie bands that have played on the steps of the library on this, the greatest of days, Dr. Dog will be presenting their scrappy, country, Philly feel to the people of the glade tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., for free! They will be following in the footsteps of such cutting edge bands as The Cold War Kids and The Dodos.

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And we say that with an exclamation since we did not know that it was happening. Silly Cloggers, with all our blah-ging we’ve missed out on a fairly big, ASUC sponsored university-wide event.

Besides raising awareness for global causes, it’s also intended to “raise money for charities that send books to Tanzanian schools, help Haiti deal with the aftermath of January’s devastating quake, and buy malaria nets for Africans, among others.” The week’s events are ongoing, but everything ties together with a Friday showing of “Hotel Rwanda” in Memorial Glade followed by a faculty panel discussion of the massacre.

More events included Sunday’s basketball tournament which raised $500 “for the NothingButNets campaign to save Africa’s children from malaria” (we love it when it’s a good cause AND a punny name) and Monday’s Eco fashion show. Tomorrow there will be another faculty panel to “show how technology — including a bike-powered maize sheller — can help fight world hunger.”

A bike-powered maize sheller? Now you’re talking. And the global outreaching concludes Saturday with the Cold War Kids concert (“co-sponsored by the Save My Oceans campaign,” natch).

Bottom line: the time is now. Get out there and globally outreach yourself. The world will thank you.

Image source: xJasonRogersx under Creative Commons
Global Outreach Week shows off–and extends–Berkeley’s reach in the world  [UC Berkeley News]