sick picNo, a common cold doesn’t kill nowadays, but it does take a lot of energy out of you. Especially with midterms kicking into gear, getting sick is one of the last things students want to deal with.

The common cold is caused by a virus, so don’t buy medications just yet! Most medications treat the symptoms of a cold and don’t kill the virus directly. The symptoms come from the bacteria that take advantage of your weakened immune system (thanks to the virus). Too much medication means the bacteria will eventually gain immunity to them, and symptoms get more difficult to get rid of. Rather, let your immune system do what it was designed to do: OBLITERATE get rid of the virus itself.

But what of the symptoms? No medicine = miserable and tired college student? Fret not, the Clog has some methods (almost) guaranteed to soothe. read more »

Oh that's nastyIt may fly in the face of everything your mother (and everyone else, really) has ever said to you concerning your health. It may seem unintuitive and basely upsetting. But according to science, a strong and healthy immune system is actually the most significant contributor to the all-too-familiar symptoms of the common cold.

This seems weird because we’ve come to expect that the symptoms of a cold are rooted in the virus or other foreign body that infects us, doing damage to our cells. Modern cold science has shown, however, that most symptoms like the sniffling, runny nose and ever-irritating cough are all products of our body’s “inflammatory response” to the infection, and not caused by the infection itself. Meaning that those with the most active immune systems are often most susceptible to the symptoms of the common cold.

Conversely, logic would hold that those with the worst immune systems will enjoy the illusion of health. So caress those doorknobs and share those drinks this season, it’s good for you!

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How Not to Fight Colds [NYTimes]

The Clog would like to wish you happy holidays, whatever you wish to celebrate (or not): Festivus, Christmas, winter solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or a simple break from school.

Above, we present our gift to you. It’s a real cute ditty from My First Earthquake, a band from across the bay. We hope your holiday travel sends you to warmer pastures or that you’re at least relaxed and dry.

New Chanukah Song – Fa La Freezing – iPod holiday lipdub [YouTube]
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So it might have been a little drizzly today. So it might also have been effin’ freezing. So the forecast might say the same about tomorrow. “So what?” asked attendees of the Telegraph Ave. Holiday Street Fair, “At least I’m productively not studying for finals and buying presents for people, instead of sleeping or watching last week’s episode of Gossip Girl … again. ” Ay, there’s the rub. read more »

During the cold, dark, dreary season of midterms and million-page papers, our health oftentimes gets thrown in the back burner. It’s not until we’re dripping snot onto a last-minute problem set that we realize we should have taken the precautions to avoid a cold during this stressful time of semester. Take heed, friend! It’s neither too late nor too difficult to have a healthy test season.

*Flush with Fluids, then Flush the Toilet. Detox your body of unfriendly germs from the get-go. Fill a large canteen of water every night before going to bed to make for an easy grab-and-go on your way to class the next morning. While at school, be sure to refill several times–when the time comes to empty your own can, the lighter the color your urine, the better. If you find yourself drinking a lot of coffee, remember to match a cup of coffee with a glass of water to keep hydrated.

*Resist the Urge–Don’t Touch Yourself. Specifically, avoid excessively rubbing your eyes, nose and mouth. Trust no one! The hottie studying in the seat across from you may be a hot viral host of doom. read more »