You may no longer be able to afford enrollment at UC Berkeley, but that shouldn’t stop you from investing in its real estate—especially if it’ll cost you less than a trip on the 51.

What if we told you that the university is currently advertising two on-campus homes for sale at the fabulously low price of exactly one buckaroo? Being the remarkably astute and endearingly cynical college students we know you are, you’d probably immediately speculate on the inevitable fine print of such an outlandish offer.

Congratulations! Higher education has served you well. The duo of houses, located at 2241 and 2243 College Ave, can be generously described as real fixer-uppers, and (arguably) more accurately characterized as pieces of sh*t.

So, whatever, you cough up $1 for a 100-year-old building that we imagine counts asbestos among the very least of its concerns. But wait! That’s not all. read more »

In Berkeley’s got a detailed write-up of the new openings on Elmwood’s College Avenue. There are currently four vacant spaces in the block between Russell Street and Ashby Avenue, three of which are gearing up for some business. Sometime soon, expect to see:

- Summer Kitchen Bake Shop (in the place next to Your Basic Bird, the pet shop)
- a new cafe somehow possibly linked to the people of Cafe Fanny (in the shuttered Elmwood Pharmacy)
- a clothing store for an Oakland fashion designer (in the other half of the old hardware store)

Maybe, in the near future, Elmwood won’t be known just for its ice cream.

Image Source: pixieclipx under Creative Commons
Recession, what recession? in the Elmwood [In Berkeley]

Things are heating up, and no, we’re not just talking just about the weather.

The Daily Cal and Inside Bay Area News reported on two fires that caused significant damage to two structures Wednesday.

The first fire occurred at 920 Heinz Avenue, which happens to be an old abandoned warehouse and the future site of a new Berkeley Bowl. This fire happened sometime in the afternoon.

While we don’t know why there was a fire there, there had been opposition to the new Berkeley Bowl. Or maybe it was just a way to start the construction project early.

The second fire hit closer to the Cal campus, as a three-alarm fire engulfed a house on College Avenue. College Avenue itself was closed for eight hours while firefighters battled the blaze. Just think about what traffic was like. Traffic sucks already on College, but to have it closed off for eight hours?

This is kind of a tragic story. The woman who owns the house was almost finished with her 18-year renovation plan, according to the Daily Cal. All that hard work … wasted!

But all this talk of fires and all of this heat just makes us want to eat some ice cream. Well, yeah, we did that already.

Image source: Skyler Reid, Daily Cal
Two Berkeley fires cause severe damage [Inside Bay Area]
Fire Engulfs House on College [Daily Cal]