engineerIt’s no surprise that a guy trying to get a date with a girl in his engineering class has a whole lot of competition. “Good luck getting to the three girls in the entire auditorium,” says one student. Though females comprise a little more than half the students at UC Berkeley, only 23 percent of its College of Engineering are female, with individual programs (such as mechanical engineering) having as low as 15 percent enrollment for women.

One female student, Cassie Parkos, speaks about how hard it is to be an engineer, saying she gets whistled at, asked out and made an object of sexist jokes instead of being taken seriously. Evidently, the jokes are not just from male colleagues, but male professors as well. One instructor supposedly remarked that women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive … and probably should not, drawing attention to the few female students in the class, including Parkos. Don’t you just love supportive professors? read more »