Stanfurd is the number one most stressful college in the United States. Period.

At least, that’s what “The Daily Beast” said. They ranked the 50 most stressful colleges in America and came up with the top 5 of Stanford, Columbia, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard. Berkeley placed a measly 22nd. We don’t really know whether to be pleased or angry about this, especially since it seems just a tad untrue. We’ll settle for incredulous read more »

procrastinationChances are you are already an expert procrastinator.

Probably less likely is that you actually feel that your time spent zoning out while pretending to do homework is actually accomplishing anything. But oh, how wrong you are.

Recent research on attention has found out what most college students already knew—that a wandering mind is a very common affliction. However, somewhat more surprisingly, researchers found that the lapses in attention might be playing a crucial role in helping us work through difficult problems.

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Everyone agrees that the BCS is a stupid system. Everyone has suggestions, but no one ever really acts on them. Until now.

The Tampa Tribune is reporting that Florida President Bernie Machen will unveil his new plan for determining a national champion this Thursday at the SEC spring meeting. Finally, someone is actually taking action in taking down the monster that is the BCS.

Now note this: Machen is the president of the university that just won the BCS national championship. He just won that bad boy in January, and now he wants to scrap it and have a playoff. Awesome!

Machen’s plan? Well, it’s going to be a playoff-type system (YES!), which he says will be determined by the market. He envisions all different playoff scenarios from the “Plus-one” format to the “eight-team” or even “sixteen-team” playoff. Whichever fans and sponsors want, they’ll get.

Second, he believes this thing’s going to make a shitload of money. He notes how much FOX Sports is paying the BCS for its television rights and compares it to how much CBS pays for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. FOX pays $83 millions a year. CBS, about six times that figure. Great. Money is awesome.

Even better, he wants to distribute the money to ALL 119 Division I-A schools. ALL OF THEM will get money from this system. Who doesn’t want that?

But of course, the traditionalists want their bowls. More specifically, Big Ten commish Jim Delaney wants to keep the traditional Big Ten versus Pac-10 matchup in the Rose Bowl.

We’d love that too. But if a playoff system ensures that a team like our Cal football team doesn’t get screwed (like it did in 2004), then we’re all for it.

It’s time for Division I-A college football to embrace the knockout stages and approve a playoff system. It’s needed. It’s time. Please save us from another lopsided BCS title game! Please!

UF President Will Unveil Playoff Proposal [Tampa Tribune]

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