comicJust in case we haven’t belabored the topic enough, here’s another post related to Comic Relief. Dedicated Clog readers will know that shortly after Comic Relief closed, a new store featuring its inventory opened.

Now Uel Carter, a former employee of Comic Relief, will open a new store in its former space. Fantastic Comics, named after a publication of one of Carter’s partners, will open on May 1. Carter said you can view the two stores that emerged from the demise of Comic Relief as two children, and he happened to get the house.

Just think of Comic Relief’s closing like parents getting divorced. It’s sad at first, but then you realize — double the presents!

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Comic Relief spawns a second comics book store [Berkeleyside]

comicThey’re baaaaaack. Out of the ashes of Comic Relief comes The Escapist, which opened on March 15 at 3090 Claremont Avenue.

The new store features the old stock of Comic Relief, bought by mystery, fantasy and science fiction book store Dark Carnival. The man behind The Escapist, Jack Rems, not only bought the stock, but hired everyone who still worked at Comic Relief when it closed.

Although the store’s shelves are currently a wee bit lacking, the stock will definitely be increasing, says employee Ray Morales. The sort-of reopening is a blessing for those shaking from Comic Relief withdrawals. Plus, considering all the local stores that have closed recently, its nice to know that we Berkeleyans still have some of our priorities straight. Best news ever.

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The Escapist comic book store opens on Claremont [Berkeleyside]

comicreliefBerkeley just got a little less nerdy, which means a little less cool to many Berkeleyans. Comic Relief finally closed on Monday, after experiencing a lengthy period of inner turmoil, beginning with the death of its acclaimed owner two years ago until the more recent layoffs. In fact, financial issues were so severe at one point that their distributor refused to send them new releases.

Let’s look on the bright side though. At least they held out until Valentine’s Day, so that a large percentage of Berkeley’s population was not left comicless and dateless.

But have no fear! It is rumored that Dark Carnival will reopen the store under a new name. RIP Comic Relief, you will be sorely missed by everyone — not just the bespectacled outcasts who haunted your premises.

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Comic Relief Closes [Berkeleyside]

Today is Free Comic Book Day! From 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., comic book stores around the nation–indeed, around the world–will be giving away copies of select titles to lucky store goers. The closest store to campus, Comic Relief, numbers Superman, Hellboy, X-Men and Sonic the Hedgehog among the several dozen comics offered. Did we mention the adorable tiny tot munchkins who can shoot lasers out of their eyes and fly? Whatever your inclination, the website provides a handy list of everything that will be in stock.

Check out the store locator for the United States and Canada, or hop on over to the global store locator, for our international readers. We know you’re out there.

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