THIS COULD BE YOU!Then get on BART! Destination: fame and glory. Who needs Playboy when you can be the freshest new face of the one, the only, Bay Area Rapid Transit? That’s right, no one. No one needs Playboy. Because everybody loves BART. And wants to be on TV.

So if you’re looking to jump-start your acting career with a fabulous (unpaid) gig, submit a photo or short video of your sexy BART-riding, East Bay-dwelling mug by April 30.

Image Source: Steve Rhodes under Creative Commons
Casting call: riders wanted to star in BART ads! [SFBART's blog], via Eye on Blogs


Scott Fujita, linebacker for the Saints, was once a Cal Bear. How do we know? Well, because it’s widely reported, natch, but mostly because he acts like a Bear.

By now you’ve probably heard about the controversial commericals (or “controvercials”) that were set to play during the Super Bowl. One was anti-abortion, the other an ad for a gay dating site. (For the record, they’re showing the anti-abortion ad, but the gay dating ad was pulled. Go figure.) Everyone’s been talking, and everyone has an opinion about the ads.

Unsurprisingly, so does Fujita. He supports abortion rights and gay rights, and read more »