We weren't so sure of the disposition of the people around us.

We weren't so sure of the disposition of the people around us.

The Temper Trap, an Australian indie rock band, recently played in San Francisco at The Warfield. Here are some words of advice we compiled after attending the concert:

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Okay, no, not really. Fine. But thinking about it is the only thing getting us through another week of toil and tedium. This Friday, Sept. 16, catch Santa Barbara-based indie band Gardens and Villa on Lower Sproul at noon with synth-pop songs as enchanting as their name sounds.

Later in the day, for only $3 with a Cal ID ($5 without), watch Super 8 in the faux cinematic Wheeler Hall at 7 or 9 p.m. Between the plush seats, the curtains and the giant screen, you’d be hard-pressed to remember you’re actually in a lecture hall.

Rebecca Black – Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [YouTube]

operaglassesDon’t worry, not the school kind of class. In case you were too busy (or maybe lazy, we don’t judge) to make it all the way into San Francisco for the free concert on July 24, there’s something a lot closer to home for you.

On Aug. 5 and 6, the Berkeley Summer Symphony will perform in Hertz Concert Hall from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets are technically free, but if you want to reach deep into your lamentably shallow college student pockets to support the always-in-need arts, the suggested donation is $10.

The Summer Symphony will play a Beethoven Overture, two Mussorgsky pieces, and another piece by Berlioz. The Symphony consists mostly of students, though it does have members from all over the Bay Area. If you still don’t feel classy enough from simply going to see the Symphony, maybe try bringing a pair of opera glasses and talking in an English accent.

Image Source: Alpha six under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley Events [Site]

musicIf you’re looking for another way to stave off that summer boredom or are looking to treat your more sophisticated half that’s been repressed due to lack of funds, then listen up.

Tomorrow, Sunday, July 24 at 2 p.m. the San Francisco Symphony will play a free concert in the Sigmund Stern Grove. The venue, an outdoor amphitheater, seems like a lovely place to while away the afternoon.

Sponsored by International House, the concert will feature two works by Beethoven, plus Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony. The venue is located at 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard in San Francisco, and did we mention that the concert is free? Yes, we did. But it could definitely be said again.

Image Source: /charlene under Creative Commons
Summer at the SF Symphony: FREE Concert at Stern Grove, San Francisco [UC Berkeley Events]

if it says "classy," then it's gotta be classyIf you’ve never had the privilege of attending the annual Ojai Music Festival, well then friends, you now have one more day to experience the magic without needing a ticket to SoCal.

What exactly is this Ojai Music Festival, you say? Well, it could very well be described as a classier version of Coachella, you know, without all of the drugs, rape and “Ecstasy induced wizard[s]” (see: This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse: Coachella = Rape and Doom). And did I forget to mention that it’s a classical music festival? Classy!

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Sick of watching all your friends go to all the amazing concerts the Greek Theater has been having while you stay home and cry yourself to sleep? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

As will often happen when the Clog spots a reason for distress amongst our fellow students, we found an easy and free solution: watching concerts from behind the theater. When we say watching we pretty much mean listening since only the upper half of the stage is visible, but concerts are 75 percent for listening anyway right?

Here is how to do it. Walk up to the parking lot located right behind the Foothill dorms. There you will find a big hill, crowded with broke or cheap students just like us and you! Here a picnic is also tempting and plausible. If you are scared of getting into trouble, do not worry, this is totally allowed — security actually told us if we wanted to watch the concert from the lot we should sit on the hill.

If this sounds like fun, then a golden opportunity is waiting to be seized since this weekend Arcade Fire will be performing. See you there.

Image Source: hpitlick under Creative Commons

Info! According to the Facebook event page for this year’s Hip Hop in the Park, “Someone said Hip Hop was Dead…they need to come (sic) to hip hop in the park! come out and see it vibrant and alive in its various forms!”

We don’t know about all that “dead” business, but we will agree that the annual concert and festival is, traditionally, like, way fun. There are cool local acts and people break-dancing and there’s usually enough of a crowd to make the day one of People’s Park’s least sketchy occasions of the year. Plus, it’s all free and the weather’s supposed to be pretty nice.

If you’re still on the fence, you should check out Daily Cal arts writer David Liu’s awesome review of a performance by headline act Blue Scholars. Or you could just, y’know, walk past the park on Saturday between 12 and 5 p.m. We doubt your ears will spontaneously start bleeding or whatever.

Hip Hop in the Park [Facebook]
Earlier: We Spy: People’s Park Goes Hip Hopping


Got a spare hour tomorrow between 12 and 1 pm? Rather than just chilling in the halls of Dwinelle, waiting for your next class to start, check out the free Friday afternoon concert put on by SUPERB! The event features the alternative-rock band, Chasing Kings, and will be held on Lower Sproul Plaza. So liven up your lunch time and check ‘em out … It’s free!

Image Source: mojographer under Creative Commons
SUPERB Presents: Chasing Kings [Facebook]

Prokofiev! Like music? Enjoy darkness and anguish? How about celestas? If you answered, “Hells yes!” to any of the above (and even if you didn’t) you should support Berkeley’s music department by getting your depressed pre-Valentine’s Day hind parts to Hertz Hall this Friday or Saturday night at 8 to hear the University Symphony Orchestra pick some tunes that’ll be right up your alley.

According to Department of Music calendar, the Maestro David Milnes-helmed symphony will “kick off the Spring 2010 season with a collection of powerful, dark works.” As if the program–which includes Brahms’ “Tragic Overture” and something from Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde” (the happiest opera of all time)–weren’t a dead giveaway.

And if you still need more convincing, just remember that as a student, your $5 tickets are literally one-third the price of general admission. Can you say, “MERE PITTANCE?!” Of course you can.

Department of Music [Calendar]

Last night, Wilco maxed the Greek Theatre with thousands of fans old and young, between-songs banter and (of course) plenty of Berkeley smoke. The Clog managed to snag seats and a few choice clips.

Above, Wilco serenaded the not-quite-high-as-Portland crowd with “A Shot in the Arm.” Daily Cal arts writers were also present, so be sure to check out the review on Monday.

We can’t remember if this was encore No. 1 or No. 2 (yes, there were two encores). Our concertmate, a hardcore with four Wilco concerts under the proverbial belt, nudged us and said, “Get this one! He dances!”

Voila, Wilco’s “Hummingbird,” complete with a little jog and boogie number. OK, it’s not much, but if it makes you crack a smile, who are we to judge?

Wilco – A Shot in the Arm [YouTube]
Wilco – Hummingbird [YouTube]