Yeah, we know, that’s a reference with a little dust on it. But hey, the Bangles are a classic in any era, mmkay? Just saying. Oh yeah, and you should definitely check out the Egyptian exhibit at the Hearst Museum for Anthropology. It’s open Wednesday-Sunday until 2011 and it’s … wait for it … free to the public. Oh yeah.

It’s called “The Conservator’s Art: Preserving Egypt’s Past.” Basically it’s all about how they preserve and conserve the artifacts, which include “crocodile mummies, statuary, mummy portraits, amulets, read more »


Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, we’re pessimistic bloggers, so let’s go with bad news first: 15 to 42 percent of mammal species have become extinct since humans arrived on this Earth. In fact, a recent study coauthored by Anthony Barnosky, a professor of integrative biology at UC Berkeley, suggests that we’re “well on our way” to Earth’s sixth mass extinction.

The good news? No more pesky rodents constantly underfoot, with their … adorable whiskers and bright, intelligent eyes.

OK, not much of a silver lining. Especially when the study suggests that most of this mammal-dying is due to man-made causes like “habitat destruction, pollution, and now global warming.”

If we increase our conservation efforts, Barnosky says, there’s still a chance at staving off another mass extinction. “By demonstrating that we have already lost 15 to 42 percent of mammalian diversity, read more »