Call it this week’s postponement of the apocalypse: recent research by UCSB professor Geraldo Aldana suggests that the infamous date in 2012, said to mark the end of the Mayan civilization’s calendar, could be inaccurate by 50 to 100 years.

The discrepancy is allegedly due to many scholars’ adherence to a specific, fixed numerical value (called the GMT constant) when converting dates between the Mayan calendar and our own. Huh. Sounds like conspiracy to us.

Seeing as the world hasn’t come to an end yet (or maybe it has), it looks like we’ll have to accept the fact that we’ve got at least 50 more years until the apocalypse. Darn. And 2012 was becoming such a convenient excuse not to worry about our plans for after college, too.

Image Source: motleypixel under Creative Commons
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