It’s no secret that the vegan culture is thriving in Berkeley. There are countless vegan restaurants in the area, all of the dining halls have vegan options and there’s even a vegan cinnamon roll shop near campus (which is like, AMAZING). It’s even a pretty typical reaction from someone who hears that you’re a Berkeley student:

“You go to Berkeley? You must be like, really smart.”

“You go to Berkeley? Do you even go to class, or are you just protesting all the time?”

“You go to Berkeley? So, does that mean you’re like, a weird vegan hippie now?”

We’ve all heard it. It kind of goes without saying that the vegan food culture comes with a certain stigma. The food tastes bland, there are little to no options, vegans are trying to convert you to a lifestyle that’s much less fun … the list goes on. Well, listen up everyone because there’s a new (and young) vegan chef who’s changing minds left and right about the vegan world! She’s been taking the food industry by storm and making the vegan lifestyle look chicer than ever. She’s gorgeous, she’s sweet and best of all, she’s a recent Berkeley alum. Meet Chloe Coscarelli. read more »

3768198101_34ff711267_oWhether you’re done with midterms for now, just beginning them or in the middle of a hellish whirlwind of exams and essays, you’re probably procrastinating right now. Hello – you are reading the Clog.

On the rare occasion that we commend our neighbors in the South bay, Stanford philosophy professor John Perry won an Ig Nobel prize the week before last for his “structured procrastination” theory. He writes: “The procrastinator can be motivated to do difficult, timely and important tasks … as long as these tasks are a way of not doing something more important.”

Finally our Cardinal rivals get something right. Now you don’t have to click “stumble” 285 times or watch 15 consecutive episodes of “Entourage” (or, we suppose you can justify it as cultural education). You can procrastinate and get off scott-free! Here are five of the things we did today our choice ways: read more »

mmm... sleepy time

Another summer gone, another school year begins.

No worries, because we at the Clog are here to make sure that at least one of your fall semester classes will be worth waking up for. Because we love our readers so dearly and would hate for you procrastinators to add a boring, soul-gnawing class just to reach that 13 unit mark, we present to you a short list of noteworthy classes we’re convinced you will enjoy immeasurably.

So … read more »

If you answered yes, chances are, you’re a college student. If you answered no, you’re probably a mutant. But for all of you who rejoice at the chance to snack on some complimentary treats, good news: the Cal Cooking Club is holding its first general meeting Thursday, Feb. 11.

The event boasts a demo led by Chef Arielle Bosch, who just happens to be the head pastry chef of Corso Trattoria—a rustic Italian restaurant that’s quickly becoming quite the hot spot of Berkeley’s own gourmet ghetto.

Along with plenty of tips and tricks for pastry amateurs, Chef Bosh will be offering samples of her mouthwatering Maple Mascarpone Cheesecake Bites. Yum.

The meeting is open to non-members as well as returnees, so be sure to stop by 60 Evans Hall from 7-8pm to check out the spread. All are encouraged to join the club in order to participate in future events (restaurant visits, home cooking workshops, and food-related volunteer opportunities are all on the table).

Bon appetite!

Image Source: 3liz4 under Creative Commons
Cal Cooking Club

Sure, cooking brownies in the microwave is kinda miraculous, but maybe you’re living in an apartment this year. One with an actual oven/stove. Congratulations. You’ve graduated to almost real adult life. Now let’s learn how to cook.

Once you’re armed with the Joy of Cooking, you can just as easily thumb through the Internet to find your next meal. Culinary Web site Five Mushrooms is the Google of recipes. It searches through a variety of sites–, Yahoo! Food, Epicurious, Food Network–to find a multitude of recipes for your perusal.

You can use its search engine with the same tricks you use for Google. Some tips: read more »