5124207642_891199d47c_bIt’s time for that wonderful, spooky and exciting holiday that kicks off the fall: Halloween. On October 25 the Residential Hall Assembly (RHA) is holding its annual RHA’s All Hall-O-Ween. It’s trick-or-treating… in the residence halls!

The event is a great way to share the fun of Halloween with University families and local elementary school students. Residents can volunteer to give kids candy from their rooms — all candy is provided — or they can volunteer to be tour guides. The RHA is working with the East Bay Asian Youth Center to bus in children and their parents from Garfield Elementary School and La Escuelita Elementary School in Oakland to come trick-or-treat with the residents. In addition, the RHA is also providing buses for families living in University Village and the housing department. The event is funded using a portion of the $45 fee that every resident pays to the Residential and Student Services Program, so it’s a great chance to see your money at work!

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Lady Gaga is blasting away over a crowd of thousands packed into Market Street while a guy in nothing but a yellow speedo dances around giving high fives to everyone he sees — we must be at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. read more »

Sexiest costume ever.

Apparently the best costume ever.

Halloween weekend is finally here and we are sure that most of you are either putting finishing touches on your elaborate costumes or, laughing at such a waste of energy, throwing on a Santa hat and calling it a day (can you guess where we lie on the spectrum?). As we all know, thinking up of costume designs can be an overwhelming task — limited only by your imagination and amount of disposable income.

That said, while some go off the beaten path and inspire with their truly unique costumes, many  fall into the trap of thinking of an “original” design and then realizing that pretty much everyone else had the same costume idea as they did (naughty angel, how original). So what are some popular costume ideas that will possibly be littering parties this weekend?  Yesterday, Google released a list of most-searched Halloween costumes for 2011. The list is as follows:  read more »

baconThis Sunday is Bay to Breakers‘ centennial celebration: One hundred years of evolution have fine-tuned the 12K footrace into a handy excuse to dress up and start drinking at 6 AM. Truly, transformation at its finest.

Those of us able to get our exhausted, post-finals-partying asses out to the city this weekend will get to revel at pirates and human crayons, smurfs, grapes, walking bacon strips and on and on. There’ll be people dressed as bears chasing people dressed as salmon “upstream” (backwards on the race course), and of course San Francisco’s premiere collection of wrinkling nudists will read more »

To help kick off the flurry of pre-Halloween parties (though maybe a few days too late), the Clog has compiled a list of verbs to help get your costume ideas off the ground.We know what a pain it is not to have a costume five minutes before the party starts. Though, we know that for those who wear a minimal amount of clothing to said Halloween parties, five minutes is more than enough time to get in your costume.Here are a few, more festive options than going nearly-naked or being lame and not wearing a costume at all:GO:To Halloween Headquarters, at 1500 San Pablo (formerly McNevin Auto Dealer). Shopping is sometimes the easiest option for *cough* uncreative *cough* people.To Spirit Halloween, at 2201 Shattuck Avenue (formerly Eddie Bauer).DECIDE:To be the first inanimate object in the room that you see. A stapler: bend a hanger into a staple. A baked potato: stuff your shirt with pillows, and wrap yourself in aluminum foil. (If you decide not to add cotton balls for sour cream, just tell everyone you are a Chipotle burrito.) C’mon, with a little cardboard or aluminum foil, you can be anything.SEARCH:At thrift stores, and think of a fantastic, nondescript label for your new ensemble.TRADE:Clothes from a bum, and pose as Berkeley personality. Better yet, dress up as the Happy Happy Happy guy, or the Lennon Murder Truth guy … though we’re not so sure that they will be willing to trade for their iconic signs.BE:Nice. OK, so this isn’t really a costume, but if you trick or treat for UNICEF, it makes up for not having a costume in our book.Halloween Headquarters [ShopInBerkeley]Spirit Halloween [ShopInBerkeley]Berkeley Used & Vintage Clothing [ShopInBerkeley]Bears for UNICEF [Web site]