A books safe is a more time intensive DIY but it is really easy to personalize and might actually get used. It’s the perfect place to hide extra cash, jewelry, an iPod and other small valuables. This project is a little more read more »

Last year's fair.Tie dye!

So make your time … for the 26th annual Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair. Yes, it is upon us and–as evidenced by the fact that the fair was still bumping earlier today–people will be out there selling crafty things and other whatnot, rain or shine.

Vendors will be lining the famed thoroughfare from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. again tomorrow, and on Dec. 19, 20, 23 and 24. Now would be the time to load up on unique gifts, sure to impress upon your grandparents just how “Berkeley” you’ve become since you left for college. Didgeridoos and henna for everyone!

Image Sources: Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair website (top); Jill Cowan (right)
Telegraph Avenue Holiday Street Fair [Site]

Finally, a Halloween on a Friday. As you gear up with last year’s strap-on hole-in-a-box for the next social mixer, for trick-or-treating (good luck) or caravan to Santa Barbara, consider dressing up as something else this year: a legend.

Here are a few tips:

Be Scrappy, Not Crappy

If you’ve accumulated crap around your dorm or apartment, consider wearing it. Costume Idea Zone suggests dressing up as a Chia pet (wrap thyself in duct tape sticky side out, and go for a roll down a freshly mown Faculty Glade), a melted snowman (drench thyself and carry around two sticks and a scarf) and static cling (wear random clothes, to which you pin dryer sheets, sock, and undies; for bonus points, make your hair stand on end). About.com also offers endless ideas spawned from a cardboard box or your sweat suit. read more »