In other cow dung news Matchstick Men move , EcoFaeBrick, proposed by students at Prasetiya Mulya Business School in Indonesia, won $25,000 at the 10th annual Global Social Venture Competition hosted by the Haas School of Business.

So what kind of novel invention earned them all this moo-lah? Bricks. Made of read more »



Due to budget imbalances and the general suckiness thereof, Berkeley’s powers-that-be propose the increase of garbage collection fees. Apparently, the drop in Asian demand for recycled paper contributes to the increasing value of dump collection. Say what?

Meanwhile, we have more trash and less money. Now, more fees? No, thanks. Our proposals:

*Dump our trash on the Stanfurd farm; let them deal with the mess.
*Save scraps of receipts and toilet paper to be used for taking notes in class.
*Find a Delorean to eat our crap.

Image Source: hellodan under Creative Commons
Berkeley Garbage Collection Fees May Rise to Balance Costs [Daily Cal]