We guess campus security at Stanfurd really isn’t what is used to be. First there was that impostor who masqueraded as a Stanfurdite for most of the school year. Now someone’s been accused of stealing Stanfurd credit cards and checks.

How was this suspected culprit stopped? She wanted to steal from Cal too, according to UCPD.

The Chron reports that UCPD arrested Liller Johnson last Friday after a university police officer saw her leaving Lewis Hall.

Apparently UC police found stolen credit cards and checks from both UC Berkeley and Stanfurd. And apparently some of the stolen Stanfurd cards had been used that day.

So, we’ll tally a point for UC police and take away five points from Stanfurd police for not being able to nab this alleged credit-card stealer.

Seriously, what kinds of things can people get away with down on The Farm?

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