The San Francisco skyline has been glowing a lurid orange of late, and we thought, “Wow! The whole city is prepping for Halloween!” But no, Coit Tower and City Hall and random insignificant condominium buildings were not orange for Halloween. Fail.

critical mass

Cyclists dress up for the the Halloween Critical Mass.


Learn how to swing dance and watch/ join in when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” comes on at Lindy at Fright on Upper Sproul tonight, attend a Dia de los Muertos ceremony in the Student Union’s Multicultural Center or experience the audio-visual feast that is BAM’s [email protected] series at their All Hallow’s Eve PartyHauntology. There’s also the usual assortment of frat parties all weekend, Halloween-themed for the occasion, such as Sigma Phi’s Dawn of the Drunk.

In case you missed the Zombie walk earlier in the week but still want to get your gore on and walk stiff-legged with the deadest of them, you’ve got your chance tonight! A zombie walk will wind its brief way through the Mission to end at a “Zom Prom.” Also, cyclists always dress up for the Critical Mass right before Halloween, rain or shine, which means attendees not only enjoy seeing a lovely display of creativity but also impressive balance and physical prowess (it can’t possibly be easy to cycle when you’re a banana or a lobster or a flower or naked).  You can also learn about the haunted history of the SF City Hall at a Ghost Walk brought to you by the folks at City Guides.

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So you’re pedaling north on Shattuck Avenue. Fast. It’s about 1:30 a.m., you’ve had a couple beers. In fact, you have a couple beers duct taped to your helmet. Reserve stash. You’re about to blast through Addison Street and swing an artful left-hand turn onto University Avenue,when suddenly the light turns RED.

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Critical Mass!

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

Ever feel like there just isn’t enough coffee in this town? Well, we guess it’s a good thing Philz Coffee is coming to help you all get your fillz of the caffeinated stuff. (Nyuck.) [InBerkeley]

Oh Berkeley News Center, you sure do know how to write a headline. Now that we think about it, “Boisterous Rally” probably would’ve been a more accurate and less negative way to describe the walkout. [NewsCenter]

This happened. Turns out 42 is actually a lot more than three. Who knew? [Daily Cal]

Freshmen in triples, thank your lucky stars you don’t go to Tufts. [Paper Trail]

Image Source: Anna Vignet, Daily Cal [ASIB]
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How does ubiquitous Berkeley legend Zachary RunningWolf have the uncanny ability to be everywhere at once? We saw him twice last Friday, and not ’cause we were looking for him. He appeared once near the oak grove, and then later on the coattails of Critical Mass as they blasted their hippie bike radio down Telegraph Avenue. He eventually dropped a burning flag onto the middle of the street, causing a temporary safety hazard for confused drivers.

Don’t mind the blurry photo. We spent too much time shuffling for our camera phone to actually get Runningwolf or Critical Mass in the shot. Though we can tell you that we did hear a choir of “What’s that guy’s problem?” as bystanders watched the flag burn. And then, life moved on.

Friday night, Berkeley’s Critical Mass was more than just a bunch of hippies on bikes. The Chronicle reports “an angry confrontation” between cyclists and a man driving a mini-van.

The cyclists claim the driver tried to run some of them over, but Berkeley police say that

bq. There’s nothing to suggest in the report or documentation thus far that the driver intentionally or had an intent to hit anybody…The driver and his wife, both of them were very confused and, in their words, feared for their safety being encircled by this group, who they characterized as being quite aggressive and angry.

So far, it’s unclear exactly what went on and who’s at fault. Watch the video and you’ll notice some crafty editing: We don’t actually see how the bikes and the mini-van first made contact.

At one moment, an angry cyclist confronts the driver’s wife. “We’re victims of you. We are victims of you, ma’am,” he says.

And we at the Clog are victims. Victims of “Eye of the Tiger.” We can’t believe they seriously blasted that song as they biked around.

Look out for the Daily Cal’s scoop on Thursday.

Cyclist, motorists clash in Berkeley Critical Mass [SF Chronicle]
Motorist Violence at Berkeley Critical Mass (May 11, 2007) [YouTube]