Now that Thanksgiving is mere days away, the mad rush to pick up all the elements of the feast has officially begun! Sure, people might make a big deal over where they’re getting their turkey and how best to prepare the perfect cranberry sauce, but we at the Clog know that the only thing anyone really cares about is the pumpkin pie.

And so, we took it upon ourselves to scour Berkeley and eat obscene amounts of pie, all for your sake, dear reader. Because now, instead of scratching your head and wondering where to find the pie you’ve been craving, you can simply read this! read more »

crixa cakes

Tucked away by that part of Shattuck Avenue that splits all weirdly into Adeline Street (you know what we’re talking about — right near Berkeley Bowl), there’s a sweet little bakery with a tricky little name. Crixa Cakes is a seriously understated place that produces some of the most fantastic treats we’ve tasted in a while.

The mainly eastern European menu (think Russia, Hungary and other similarly chilly places) is full of sweet and savory, decadent and simple, old world bites. The glass display shelves are loaded with kolachies, ginger cakes and savory zagoras. They also have “ladylocks,” an ever-elusive, cannoli-like dessert that manages to be sold out every time we stop by. It’s enough to make any foodie read more »