Bashing the Daily Cal is nothing new, but once the masses start turning against the crossword we’ve got to take notice. What will we do if our crosswords are no longer appreciated in big, boring lectures?

Clue: experience incontinence, 12 letters (3 words)

Let’s see if you can solve that one, big shot.

A discussion of the Daily Cal recently popped up on the UC Berkeley LiveJournal with the “conclusion that is it complete biased garbage.”

There’s some crossword hate, some Sonja Sharp jabs and even a mention of little ol’ us:

bq. i wonder if this bashing will make the clog, or will the daily cal just pretend to ignore the facts once again

By the way, 36 across is “pastel.” We know you were struggling on that one.

UC Berkeley Community – Daily Cal [LiveJournal]