cupcake craze

There’s a new cupcake in town, folks, and it’s even got a kitschy catchy name to boot. We’re talking about “cub cakes,” Cal’s latest attempt to show the student community just how “hip” and “with it” Berkeley can be.

Cal dining has hopped on the cupcake train, and it’s full steam ahead for flavors as daring as “Blonde Ambition” and “Saucy Red Velvet.” Intrigued? You should be. Dorm food has kind of a rep for being, well, really sucky, but maybe these confections could be the French army to our Battle of Saratoga. (Disclaimer: we haven’t yet tried the “cub cakes” yet—they could also be sucky, for all we know.)

Chances are, though, these frosting-topped goodies will be pretty tasty—they’re made by chef Bob Reich, who, for all intents and purposes, is a hardcore pastry dude who used to bake for the Ritz Carlton in SF.

The “cub cakes” will be making their way through the dining commons circuit, so keep an eye out. At $2.75 a pop, they should be pretty decent—we encourage our readers to sample a few flavors and give us some feedback. Or, you know, send a dozen or two our way and we’ll promptly respond with quality Clog commentary.

Image Source: Aaron Landry under Creative Commons
Cal Dining Joins the Cupcake Craze [UC Berkeley News]