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Last week, we introduced you to adorable vegan chef, Chloe Coscarelli. We were lucky enough to stop by her book signing and meet her in person, and boy is she adorable. Chef Chloe came ready to talk about food, and a batch of vegan mini cupcakes (major bonus points). To make matters even more unbearable (and we mean that in a good way), said cupcakes were adorned with glitter.

Chloe gave a talk about vegan cooking and what it means to be vegan, followed by a little Q&A session. Afterward there was a wonderful meet and greet, where the young chef proceeded to sign books and talk to her fans. She spent so much time with each person that the owners of Omnivore Books were ready to close up before she was done! Now that’s too much to handle (also in a good way).

Before Chloe left the bay, we managed to snag her for a quick interview! Check it: read more »

It’s no secret that the vegan culture is thriving in Berkeley. There are countless vegan restaurants in the area, all of the dining halls have vegan options and there’s even a vegan cinnamon roll shop near campus (which is like, AMAZING). It’s even a pretty typical reaction from someone who hears that you’re a Berkeley student:

“You go to Berkeley? You must be like, really smart.”

“You go to Berkeley? Do you even go to class, or are you just protesting all the time?”

“You go to Berkeley? So, does that mean you’re like, a weird vegan hippie now?”

We’ve all heard it. It kind of goes without saying that the vegan food culture comes with a certain stigma. The food tastes bland, there are little to no options, vegans are trying to convert you to a lifestyle that’s much less fun … the list goes on. Well, listen up everyone because there’s a new (and young) vegan chef who’s changing minds left and right about the vegan world! She’s been taking the food industry by storm and making the vegan lifestyle look chicer than ever. She’s gorgeous, she’s sweet and best of all, she’s a recent Berkeley alum. Meet Chloe Coscarelli. read more »

Image source: Anna Vignet

Image source: Anna Vignet, Daily Cal

You’ve heard everything there is to hear about today’s bake sales at this point — the outrage over racial representations, the disagreements with SB 185 laying on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk and the ASUC Senate consensus condemning “discriminatory speech.”

However, amidst all the fury and outcry, no one has yet asked the most fundamental and pivotal question surrounding the bake sale debate:

What do the baked goods actually taste like? read more »

cupcake craze

There’s a new cupcake in town, folks, and it’s even got a kitschy catchy name to boot. We’re talking about “cub cakes,” Cal’s latest attempt to show the student community just how “hip” and “with it” Berkeley can be.

Cal dining has hopped on the cupcake train, and it’s full steam ahead for flavors as daring as “Blonde Ambition” and “Saucy Red Velvet.” Intrigued? You should be. Dorm food has kind of a rep for being, well, really sucky, but maybe these confections could be the French army to our Battle of Saratoga. (Disclaimer: we haven’t yet tried the “cub cakes” yet—they could also be sucky, for all we know.)

Chances are, though, these frosting-topped goodies will be pretty tasty—they’re made by chef Bob Reich, who, for all intents and purposes, is a hardcore pastry dude who used to bake for the Ritz Carlton in SF.

The “cub cakes” will be making their way through the dining commons circuit, so keep an eye out. At $2.75 a pop, they should be pretty decent—we encourage our readers to sample a few flavors and give us some feedback. Or, you know, send a dozen or two our way and we’ll promptly respond with quality Clog commentary.

Image Source: Aaron Landry under Creative Commons
Cal Dining Joins the Cupcake Craze [UC Berkeley News]


Happy birthday, Berkeley! Today marks the (official) 141st anniversary of the signing of the charter back in 1868. In case you missed out, there were free cupcakes on Upper Sproul Plaza. We repeat: FREE. [Charter Day]

A reminder: Another anniversary took place this past Wednesday, sans cupcakes. The Iraq War’s been going on for six years now, and what better way to celebrate than smashing windows and spraying red paint across the front of the Marine Recruitment Center? We can’t think of anything either. [Daily Cal]

Speaking of cupcakes, a new study by Berkeley researchers claims to have found the “weight gain gene.” The gene is called DNA-PK and it acts as the switch in the liver that turns carbohydrates into fat. We guess that means people will start saying obesity’s genetic. Oh wait, they already do that. [abc7] read more »


Oh Berkeley campus, you really do know what turns students on. We could care less about your long, tall trees (or who’s sitting in them.) Your sexily schizoid architecture? Meh. Your scent? A grassy musk at best. Even the great phallic Campanile seems a bit too forward at times. No, what we’re really interested in is your lamppost banners, and nothing says “This is an awesome school and everyone who goes here loves it,” like big signs that say “This is an awesome school and everyone who goes here loves it.” Well, in so many words, of course. read more »