veryfashionableAlthough UC Berkeley was ranked the “Greenest School in the World” (according to a study conducted by the University of Indonesia) only eight months ago, we were dumbfounded to find out that we were left off of the Daily Beasts’ top 25 “Greenest Schools” in America list.

However, all hard feelings (including our continued dismay at Cal’s absence in the “Most Radical Schools” list by the Huffington Post — don’t think we forgot, Huff!) have been forgiven (temporarily) after reading the spectacular news that our institution has been ranked ninth in Her Campus’ “Most Fashionable Colleges” List.

And here we thought that being fashionable was only read more »


Stanfurd is the number one most stressful college in the United States. Period.

At least, that’s what “The Daily Beast” said. They ranked the 50 most stressful colleges in America and came up with the top 5 of Stanford, Columbia, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard. Berkeley placed a measly 22nd. We don’t really know whether to be pleased or angry about this, especially since it seems just a tad untrue. We’ll settle for incredulous read more »