It has been a relaxing, peaceful week at Berkeley, hmmm?

relaxProfessors happily lecturing on their beloved subjects. Squirrels pouncing on each other. Us college folks getting pumped for the Big Game. Pot Food plentiful and smiles warming the air with love and laughter and joy and bright hippie sunshine!

No, we’re kidding. In reality, as we all know, many things of the opposite nature were circulating and electrifying the air. Students were calling loudly for the sake of their education. Classes were being cancelled due to angry faculty. Batons were, in the ever-so-accurate words of the Associated Press, “nudging” protestors and leaving them with bruises, broken ribs and sore spleens. The Haas School of Business experienced an alarming shooting and unexpected death.

And now, just in case all that wasn’t enough, a building on the corner of Telegraph Ave. and Haste St. caught fire Friday evening.

According to the Daily Cal, the fire began at around 8:48 p.m. and the cause of the fire is not yet entirely known.


11:23 p.m. (Taken from Unit 3 Priestley Hall) Beverly Cleary residents were strongly recommended to evacuate the building.


11:42 p.m. Fire is still raging.

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DSC00229Yes, this is a campus building crawl. Why would we do a building crawl, you ask? Because you, like us, are hopeless when it comes to following through on the promise you made to yourself at the beginning of the semester: finally exploring the campus and seeing all of the interesting goodies it has to offer … including its buildings.

Sure you’ve hung out with dinosaurs in the Valley Life Sciences Building or stood atop Wheeler Hall with some friends until dusk, but have you ever smoked a cigarette witnessed a heart-stopping sunset from one of the balconies in Eshleman Hall or had a nervous breakdown because you couldn’t find your way out of Dwinelle? Well, after reading this, read more »

We can use this photo without violating copyrights. Huzzah!
Despite that The UC Movement for Efficient Privatization (You See Me Pee for short) is, for the most part, smug and irritating, we’ll give credit where credit is due: This parody of the Daily Cal’s homepage for which they just BOUGHT A REAL DOMAIN NAME is crazily accurate. Like, so accurate that when we saw it, we pulled one of those cartoon spit-take things where we shook our face really fast and went, “Ayayayay,” while our eyes went all buggy. For reals, that actually happened.

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Daily Cal sports writer Jimmy Tran on this photo: "I worked that guy."

Few Cal fans know that the Big Game wasn’t the only trans-bay football contest of epic proportions that occurred this past Saturday. Every year, on the morning of the Big Game, the staff of The Farm’s student paper, The Stanford Daily, battles the staff of our very own Daily Californian for the coveted Exacto knife (Get it? It’s like an axe! Only, smaller. And more paper-related) in a flag football game.

Every year, these two groups come together to perpetuate a rivalry older than time itself. Every year, flags are grabbed, touchdowns are scored and mirth is had by all involved. And every year (since, like, 2003 anyway) the Daily Californian prevails in victories that are as symbolic as they are impressive. Every year, that is, until this year. read more »

2452586734_afd57f9e75Have you rifled through all of the Cal Student Store, T-Shirt Orgy and Bancroft Clothing merchandise only to leave unfulfilled? Where, you ask, is all of the Daily Cal merchandise? You want to show your adoration for your school’s wonderful independent daily publication, but alas, it seems Berkeley is thwarting you from exposing your sentiments to the rest of the student body.

Apparently this went through someone’s mind, because such a Website exists to service all of your DC paraphernalia demands. You can’t get an “I (heart) DC” shirt, but you can get an “i campaknow everything because of the Daily Cal” shirt, a $17 coffee cup or a classy DC-branded trucker hat.

You know what this means? You can do your Daily Cal sudoku (crossword if you’re lame) while simultaneously sipping from your Daily Cal mug and reading during that 9 a.m. class. You can even have your order delivered to the Daily Cal … and wear it there while you blog about it … not that we did.

Image Source: jcdoll under Creative Commons
The Daily Cal Merchandise Gallery []

229755030_ad34424785-1So, as you may or may not know, we here at the Clog are actually part of the Daily Cal: consider us the bratty back-talking teenage child of our older, wiser, drier parental.  As much as we’d like to pretend we know it all (and we’re not refuting this), we still need a news source to actually build all of our snarky brilliance upon. That’s right, even the indie tee-wearing teen with copious amounts of piercings who listens to underground techno on over-sized headphones eventually goes back to his parents to ask for money.

So basically that ubiquitous “Journalism is a failing industry” line that we’ve been hearing around kind of concerns us. Not enough to actually stop us from making fun of the industry or those who suffer because of it, of course, but hey, showing a gesture of concern is about as best as you’re going to get from us here at the Clog. And it seems that every publication has been affected, including our less attractive counterpart, the Berkeley Daily Planet. read more »

Tweet tweet tweet! … to follow The Daily Clog on Twitter! For those of you who don’t “tweet,” or generally have no idea what we’re talking about, Twitter is basically Facebook statuses without the Facebook. It’s been around for a while, but it’s really only taken off–and by “taken off,” we mean, “gotten decently popular”–recently.

As usual, the Clog was, like, totally ahead of the curve and started our Twitter feed a while ago, but since it’s a new year, we’ve decided there’s no time like the present to start actually, uh, well–how do we put this delicately?–using it. Regularly. So subscribe now and get all the awesome, snarky updates that you could ever want from us. Seriously, we’re all over it.

Oh, and P.S. If you think you can do what Cloggers do better than/as well as we do, you should definitely come to the Daily Cal recruitment meeting at 4 p.m. today, at 600 Eshleman Hall. Uncle Clog wants YOU!

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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* First there was the successful petition to initiate a recall election for ASUC Senator John Moghtader, and now there’s a $50,000 bill waiting to happen. ASUC: PWNED. [Daily Cal]

* Berkeley blogger Jane Stillwater: “Hey, U.S. Department of Defense, I want my 15 mocha lattes back!” [Daily Cal]

* Reason No. 4568 why we’re glad we’re getting the heck outta Dodge: oh, just 11,000 over-enrolled UC students. [Daily Cal]

* One of someone’s favorite student newspaper blogs worldwide? Us? Blush. [College Media Matters]

Image Source: [email protected] under Creative Commons
Earlier: This Is Bear Territory

Since newspapers around the country ran out of their Election Day issue (and California papers are no exception) the Daily Cal will be selling copies of yesterday’s issue (the first Wednesday publication in many weeks) tomorrow.

The price hasn’t been determined yet, but if the Clog finds out, we’ll be sure to update this post. Locations include Upper Sproul Plaza, near the giant Daily Cal rack (quiet your filthy minds), the west side of Wheeler Hall, North Gate (at the gate), and Kroeber Fountain near the … fountain.

UPDATE: The papers will be sold for $2 per, and include some sort of super-special anti-oxidant, water-resistant time-telling megapaper. Well, maybe not quite that much, but they won’t yellow as quickly as normal newspapers.

Image Source: dklimke under Creative Commons
Newspapers sell out early, restart presses [Chron]

The Daily Cal ran to print yesterday–the first Wednesday edition of the semester–in hopes of being the first, the only and the most convenient paper to reach your hands.

One article, in particular, included a handful of student quotes pertaining to our state propositions. Had the article included tangible manifestations of student reactions, instead of printed words, your papers would have glittered with bloodstains, confetti, tears and few smiley faces.

The only landslide was the movement to protect our chickens (before cutting them up for consumption, that is). Both propositions for “alternative energy” failed rather miserably.

As for the rest, the votes came in so close that whichever way the scale finally tipped, we are going to be seeing a lot of happy campers with almost as many unhappy campers. See here for details. What’s a divided California to do?

Image Source: doviende under Creative Commons
State Propositions [Daily Cal]

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