National news coverage seems to be likening last night’s Durant riots to a 16th-century apocalypse landscape: a cavalcade of fear and destruction, a smoky, crucifix-laden free-for-all with legions of skeletons unleashing themselves upon what remains of the living, a student strumming his lyre in the name of public education, unbeknownst to the demon poised behind him, a hooded reveler lashed read more »

we like the night life, we like to boogie

This is, rather, about THE Dance Party. Yup, THAT one—which a highly cryptic Facebook invite describes as taking place next Thursday, Feb. 25, in Sproul Plaza. Shenanigans begin at 10 p.m., and apparently go till … 10:05 p.m.

We somehow doubt that is actually the case.

Image Source: Pink Sherbet Photography under Creative Commons
UCB Dance Party [Facebook]