You may have seen signs on Sproul last week advertising tickets to the Indian Student Association, Hindu Students Council and Indus club’s Raas Garba. The event was held this past Friday, Oct. 12, in Pauley Ballroom. Swarms of people showed up, since you really don’t have to be Indian to enjoy this night of music and dancing.

The ballroom was filled with people dressed to impress in their finest cultural getups: traditional saris, shalwar kameez and lehengas as far as the eye could see. Friends and roommates of the subcontinent’s community came out, too, borrowing outfits or pulling out their own get-ups for the festivities. Workshops had been held earlier in the week teaching people the steps to these traditional dances, but there were those who had no clue what to do. However, it was pretty easy to pick up, and once you got the hang of it you found yourself whirling around with the best of them.

Raas Dandiya

Raas and Garba are Gujarati folk dances mainly performed at religious festivals and weddings but have also become popularized in everyday life. Garba includes a short series of steps performed repetitively, which last Friday resulted in a huge circle of people bumping into each other in merry chaos. Raas is performed in pairs with dandiya sticks in each hand. This proved slightly less chaos, but people still ended up losing partners and pairing up with strangers to stay in the game. There were of course experts scoffing lightly at the inexperienced, but this was rare, and all were welcomed. Don’t know the steps yet? Come on, we’ll teach you. Don’t know what the heck to do with these sticks? There’s a group in the corner there learning together.

There were even snacks like samosas to purchase when a break was badly needed from all the twirling and excitement. With food, colorful clothes, vibrant music and tons of dancing, it was an event to leave everyone smiling. If you didn’t catch it this year, check it out next year. It’s an annual event and one that would be great to experience at least once during your time at Cal.

Image source: FrenchKheldar under Creative Commons

Frat row is bustling with eager rushes, freshmen are still frequenting Crossroads, (yet to realize how bad the food is), and Berkeley’s air is perfumed with that new book smell. School is back in session, folks.  But while you were recovering from summer-hangover, Andy Kim and friends were dancing it up, in his recently released video “UC Berkeley Style.”

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Since we’re all in such close proximity in San Francisco, we figured it was only going to be a matter of time before we had to talk about gay things. More specifically, we’re talking gay clubs, because gay or straight, we’re pretty sure you’ve already been to (or are going to go to) one at some point or another. And, whether you’re a club veteran or a newbie, we figure you can always use some advice on how to behave accordingly (in various situations). So, next time you head to a gay club, here are some things to keep in mind: read more »

This violinist is having an AWESOME TIME. Hey, you like free stuff, right? Come on, now. We know that was you we saw ravaging Caltopia like the freebie-hunting beast that you are. You little schwag-mongering mongrel, you. Growl.

What?! We’re not hitting on you, we’re just trying to tell you about Cal Performances’ Fall Free for All! Sheesh. Anyway, it sounds pretty cool. It’s not just free stuff. It’s free culture stuff. It’s free performances on four stages around campus from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday, September 26.

The event is apparently a “preview of the artistic residencies and collaborations that you will find here throughout the year.” So, basically, they’re all really legit acts that most of the time you would have to pay a lot of money to see, like San Francisco Opera Adler Fellows and the Mark Morris Dance Group. Plus, if the day is anything like the image they’re using to promote it (see right) it’s gotta be ballin’. Just check out the schedule and see if anything strikes your fancy. Then, uh, give us a call. Wink! (Kidding … )

Fall Free for All [CalPerfs], via Berkeleyside


Jericho! put out a great video last semester asking their professors “how did they dance?,” and finally they have their answer. Professors, grad students and post-doctoral researchers have them beat in the departments of humor and embarrassing things that possibly should not be on the Internet.

Basically, people were invited to dance out their dissertations:

The contest is open to anyone who has (or is pursuing) a Ph.D. in any scientific field, such as physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, anthropology, or in science-related fields such as mathematics, engineering, linguistics, bioethics, the history of science, etc. regardless of whether you’ve remained in academia.

Below, two videos from UC Berkeley grad students and our favorite pick from last year’s contest. read more »

Cloyne is the center of innovation, experimentation and recreation. It makes sense that a co-op as large and as rambunctious as Cloyne would not only have a talent show but also upload videos of the special event.

Dance, it seems, is the clone’s art of choice. Above, we have a engaging rendition of the Evolution of Dance, deftly choreographed for multiple dancers.

Another is not so successful.

Not so fast, Napoleon wannabe. Your moves can’t match the glory of the film. In the socially-challenged teen’s words, we’d have to say “this is pretty much the worst video ever made.”

OK, so not the worst worst, but we doubt that you, the dear readers, will get through it.

Evolution of Dance, Cloyne Talent Show [YouTube]
Napoleon Dynamite at Cloyne [YouTube]